Lagoon 39

The new Lagoon 39 fits between the indefatigable Lagoon 380 and the new S2 version of the Lagoon 400. However her affiliation with the new Lagoon 52 is apparent on the first sight : vertical, bevelled bows, aerial cabintop above the deck, and abaft positioned mast for sailing performance and ease of handling …… a strong character indeed!


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Technical Data

Technical Data
Categories Specifications
Designer VPLP
LOA 38 feet 6 inches, 11.7 metres
Draft 4 feet, 1.2 metres
Beam 22 feet 3 inches, 6.8 metres
Sail Area 872 sq.ft / 81 sq.m

Pre-Delivery Service

We are far more than simply a company only interested in selling yachts; we are a full service dealership with long experience of delivering new yachts to customers across Asia. Throughout the company there is an unrivaled depth of experience with many of our staff being experienced yachtsmen and yacht owners themselves who understand the needs of our customers. We also understand that satisfied customers are the future of our business and so we do our best to look after them throughout their yacht ownership.


The Pre-Delivery process:
Once a sale contract is signed, our pre-delivery process commences to ensure that the client receives the sparkling new boat he has ordered. The list of things to be checked and carefully scrutinized on the owner’s behalf is a comprehensive one:


Yachts to 72ft: With series production models of up to 72ft, we will carry out a well proven inspection routine:

We will send our Quality Control Surveyor to the final production yard to carry out an exhaustive inspection to ensure that the boat has been finished to the high standards expected; this will include testing all onboard systems and performance sea trials.

Once our inspector has passed the vessel and before the shipping date, key areas of the vessel will be protected for shipping such as the teak decking, the windows and other areas.

The loading of the yacht onto the ship is supervised by a surveyor; once the yacht is safely secured on the ship he will send a photographic loading report to Simpson Marine.


Over 75ft: With larger semi-custom models, generally those over 75ft, the process is even more extensive and starts at the order stage. As there is a degree of customization available with larger models, we can help you choose décor and equipment options to suit you. 
We will check and compare the sale & shipyard build contracts in detail to ensure there is no variance.

We will instruct our surveyor to oversee the construction of the yacht at key stages during the build at the shipyard. He will work closely with the shipyards project manager to ensure the yacht is built and finished to the highest standards.

When the yacht has been completed, the formal acceptance sea-trails carried out and our surveyor is fully satisfied with the yacht, it will be prepared for shipping. Key areas of the vessel will be protected such as the teak decking, the windows and other areas. The loading of the yacht onto the ship is supervised by a surveyor; once the yacht is safely secured on the ship he will send a photographic loading report to Simpson Marine.

Once the yacht arrives at its port of delivery in Asia, usually in Hong Kong or Singapore, Simpson Marine's Service Team will check the yacht on board the ship before unloading to ensure no damage has been sustained on route.

The Service Team will ensure the yacht is safely offloaded from the ship and will take it to our commissioning Dock at the Simpson Marine Service Centre.

The yacht will be thoroughly cleaned and polished after the long sea voyage. Our Service Team will check and re-commission all systems and equipment and remedy any defects found.

This period of checking is also used to add any afterthoughts the owner may have had about adding extra optional items.

Our administration staff will meanwhile make all necessary arrangements to license or register the yacht, to ensure it is legally imported into the country.

There’s also a period of explaining to the owner how the boat works. Modern yachts are getting increasingly complex and need trained crew to run them, to plan regular maintenance and to prevent problems arising. We will help to train the yachts crew to operate the machinery correctly, aiming to prevent problems before they occur.

Finally, the Happy Day arrives when the correctly prepared yacht is handed over to the new owner who can now enjoy the craft of their dreams.


After Sales Service

Our Service Teams are on stand-by to help you get the maximum pleasure out of your yacht whether instructing you or your crew in the correct operation of the yacht, carrying out repairs under warranty or advising you where to go cruising.

We also organize "Rendezvous" for owners, to familiarise them with different local cruising destinations and to bring them together with other yachts owners. Plus:

  • Vessel delivery and management
  • Breakdown service – onboard diagnostics and repair
  • Routine service and maintenance
  • Formal inspections at predetermined intervals
  • Warranty repairs and claims
  • Standard equipment upgrades and refits
  • Supply and install new equipment upgrades
  • Haul out and major overhaul management and coordination
  • Vessel performance testing and reporting
  • Parts supply for boats and onboard machinery
  • Vessel detailing and cosmetic repairs