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The best toys and tenders for the ultimate fun

No yacht charter would be complete without enjoying time in, on and under the water, and every yacht should carry a selection of water toys to help make your holiday an unforgettable one. Picture snorkelling or scuba diving through a colourful underwater world, streaming across the water on a Jet Ski, kayaking over crystal clear waters, or diving in and out of the waves with a SeaBob. After making the most of South East Asia’s incredible waters, return to the luxurious setting of your private yacht to relax and discuss the day’s adventures.

Smaller yachts

Snorkelling equipment is a must-have on yachts of all sizes, with cruising grounds around the region offering incredible underwater experiences and a rainbow of colours and sea life to marvel at. Many bigger yachts will also carry a full scuba setup for experienced divers to explore beneath the waves. Stand up paddle boards are a must-have and perfect for both exploring and exercise, with guests able to enjoy the serenity of their surroundings while slipping noiselessly through the water on their private board. Of course, one of the simplest pleasures on offer for yachts of all sizes is making use of your yacht’s range of fishing equipment by fishing off the back of your yacht or tender and cooking and eating your catch within minutes of it being landed.


With ample on board storage catamarans are a good choice for those keen to make the most of a wider selection of toys and tenders. Snorkelling and scuba gear take you under the water, but equally enjoyable is kayaking in a glass bottomed kayak above the colours of a coral reef, or over schools of inquisitive fish. Paddle gently to shore to enjoy the white sands of a private beach, without another person in sight. Windsurfers and kiteboards are a popular with sports lovers or those looking to cover more distance across the water, and many yachts also carry small sailing dinghies for a true close-to-the-water sailing experience.

For the more adventurous then powered toys including Seabobs, which lightly pull swimmers of all levels through the water, water scooters and SeaDoos are the perfect way to enjoy warm waters, enjoying the exhilarating sensation of cutting quickly through and under the waves. Use these smaller craft to explore the many different inlets, beaches and bays around you, accessing areas where your bigger yacht can’t go.


When it comes to superyachts the list of water toys and tenders on offer is almost endless, with no self-respecting charter yacht being without a huge selection of water toys for guests to enjoy.  Superyachts will also usually carry several types of tender, either enjoyed on their own as a speedy way to get around and away from the mother ship. For thrill seekers, towables are the perfect option for yachts of all sizes and especially popular with family groups. Make the most of your yacht’s tender to enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding and inflatables including sea biscuits, banana boats and tow tubes.

Some of the latest and greatest toys and tenders on offer include the innovative Jet Pack, which lets users soar above the water as if they are flying. Worn on the back the clever Jet Pack technology lets you hover hands free above the water, using jets of gas to guide the user through the air. Other exciting water equipment on offer can include custom submarines, often carrying several people, for a true underwater expedition. For adventure lovers, amphibious jeeps are the perfect way to explore the land, moving seamlessly from sea to shore.

Giant custom inflatable slides are hugely popular with adults and children alike, providing the ultimate entrance into the water with slides stretching from the upper deck down into the sea. Other on board inflatables include blow up climbing walls to position up the side of your yacht, water trampolines and swimming pools or even giant Zorbs that allow you to literally walk on water.


No matter what your favourite water toy or size of yacht you can be sure that we can help you to find your selection to keep even the busiest guests occupied during their time on the water. Dive in and enjoy, the sea is your playground.

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