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15th July 2020

Five Things You Need to Know About Yachting Today: Martin McIntyre

What are some of the top tips and important questions you need to know or ask about yachting? Simpson Marine compiled a compact sheet of five things you need to know about yachting today from each of our offices. Read on to find out more.

Martin McIntyre, Senior Yacht Broker, Singapore

  • COVID-19 has changed the world, but yachting remains a safe and practical way to enjoy time with family and friends in a controlled environment of your making.  More people are stepping into yachting due to their need for a safe place to spend time.
  • Chartering a yacht is increasingly popular and a great way to “test the water” before buying your dream vessel.
  • Modern design and technology mean bigger yachts can now be used with ease, so short-handed sailing is not as restrictive as it once was.
  • Sailing and boating is not elitist and is open to everyone.
  • With more usable space on today’s yachts, there is increased scope to enjoy family time and friends on board without feeling cramped.
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