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19th January 2023

Aquila Power Catamarans: Expanding in Asia

It has been 10 years since the launch of the Aquila brand, which is now world renowned for its quality power catamarans. There are a large number of Aquila boats cruising in Asia, and the brand continues to go from strength to strength in the region with the support of Simpson Marine. “In 2022 Aquila is celebrating 10 years since its launch, and five years of international distribution,” says Yvan Eymieu, Aquila Sales Manager International. “It has been an exciting ride, that is for certain, and we are pleased to see our presence in Asia continuing to grow.”

Aquila’s roots are in the USA, with 96 of its first 100 boats sold in Florida, but the local love for the brand quickly spread to other countries as Aquila expanded to areas including Australia, Asia, and then later Europe. “We very quickly chose to work with Simpson Marine in Asia, and we are extremely satisfied with this relationship,” says Eymieu. “The beauty of Simpson Marine is their capacity to sell the largest as well as the smallest boats. They have so many different talents which can promote and support the brand, and it’s very rare to find a dealer who has that kind of comprehensive offering.”

Thanks to the partnership of Aquila and Simpson Marine, Asia is now home to every Aquila model. “Simpson Marine recently sold an Aquila 70 which is the first of this model sold outside the USA,” says Eymieu. “There are also many Aquila 54s around Asia, and Aquila 44s in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The Aquila 36 has been highly successful in pretty much every country in Asia, and we are seeing a few 32s and 28s in Asia now too.” Eymieu believes that one of the reasons behind Aquila’s success in Asia is its wide offering of models. “All our models are suited to different parts of Asia, meaning there is something for everyone no matter where or how they plan to cruise. Again, Simpson Marine have a great presence all across Asia, so they do a great job of marketing our boats to the different audiences and cruising grounds.”

After 10 successful years, Aquila has big ambitions to continue to grow and expand around the world. “We are proud to now be a leader in the power cat market and we are present in many segments such as luxury yachts (Aquila 70), cruising yachts (Aquila 44 and 54), sports boats (Aquila 32 and 36), and fishing boats (Aquila 28),” says Eymieu. “We will now develop more products in more segments, such as RIBS and tenders, and we are also working a lot with foils and other ways we can be more sustainable and reduce our impact. We look forward to seeing where the next decade takes us, with Simpson Marine by our side.”

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