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12th January 2023

Team on the Sea – Kevin Tam, getting away from a busy city life

It’s hard to pick a most memorable moment spent on the water, as anything related to the sea is always my favourite. The sea is like another planet and there is a lot you can explore and experience. On this incomparable planet, you can either choose to be adventurous with a kayak, to have a big and unforgettable party with a group of friends, or to enjoy the serenity with family on a sunset cruise! In addition to that it is a planet you can really enjoy and get excited about, and it is also a space for us to connect with each other.

We live our everyday lives in a busy city, where things can come and go really fast, and it sometimes feels like you are hardly able to take the time to share a moment with each other. To me, the calmness of the sea and the lightness of the breeze can offer us a chance to communicate and to share the moments we are always seeking. Every time I go out to the sea, with either friends or family, I feel like the distance between each of us is shortened and we will better understand each other. This experience and these moments are unique and precious.

Next time you need time to share a moment with someone, go plan a trip to the sea! The reward you get will be beyond what you can imagine.

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