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21st May 2020

Female Focus Series: Reanna Wang, Group Charter Manager

Simpson Marine has developed a brand new ‘Female Focus’ interview series that profiles some of the exceptional women working across the company.

Today we profile Reanna Wang, Simpson Yacht Charter Group Charter Manager. Enjoy getting to know Reanna more and if you have any more questions for her, please feel free to contact us directly.

Q: What keeps you motivated and driven?
A: Having a strong platform and the backing of my company, in order to directly contribute to further developing the yachting industry and yachting culture within Asia.

Q: What are some values you live by?
A: Integrity, being solution-oriented, and fair trade.

Q: What do you hope to achieve in your work?
A: To build up the Simpson Yacht Charter division to be one of the biggest charter companies in Asia.

Q: What is your idea of success in the yachting industry?
A: My idea of success is when I have met my hope/achievement, as stated in my previous answer.

Q: What is one piece of advice would you give to aspiring women who are keen to join this industry?
A: Remain positive and resilient.

Q: How did you get involved in the yachting industry?
A: I got involved in the yachting industry around eleven years ago when yachting started to boom in China. I saw the opportunity and challenge and hence decided to set foot into this boating world.

Q: What is one change you would like to see in this industry?
A: Volume. I would like to see more people in Asia getting used to the yachting culture and wanting to get out on to the water more often. I would also like to see yacht users staying on yachts for longer stretches; instead of hourly or day island hops, stay overnight to experience a true “road trip” on sea.

Q: What would you say is your biggest achievement in your career with Simpson Marine so far?
A: Starting my own, very competent, Simpson Yacht Charter team in both Hong Kong and Phuket.

Q: What inspires you within what is undoubtedly a male-dominated industry?
A: I think that the industry is generally perceived as being male-dominant, but personally I never see boating as a male-dominated industry. In fact, within China there are a number of capable females in the boating industry.

Q: What is your first memory of yachting?
A: The first impression that I had of yachting is viewing it as a luxury industry or expensive products, but with limited marketing budgets.

Q: What is a must-do on a yacht for you?
A: A must-do yacht trip for me is enjoying great company – preferably with close friends. Since yachting delivers a relaxed and exclusive environment, a one-week charter is a great way to strengthen and enjoy the bonds of friendship.

Q: Describe your perfect day on a yacht.
A: A private boat charter with some friends in Turkey. The freedom, pleasure and serenity, as well the closeness to the nature, was what made such a yachting trip so incredible.

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