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12th January 2023

Team on the Sea – Linda Sowton & First overnight boating experience

The past few years have given me many opportunities to experience memorable boating trips, and each trip had its own individual charm. The most memorable one would be the first time I spent the night on a boat. In January 2022 I had the amazing opportunity to join my friends on their 52ft catamaran.

We left the marina in the late afternoon and anchored not far off the coast of Phuket to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunset. We continued to sail further away from the coast after the sun went down and I remember that night well because there was a beautiful full moon on display. Far away from the lights of the city, the moon shone bright and the sky was studded with stars. In hopes of an even better view, my friends and I took a little adventure and put the kayak onboard to good use. We paddled far enough to see the breath-taking view of the boat on the water, the glittering sea, and stars in the background, and the view was magnificent. We stayed on the kayak, admiring the peace and quiet that being on the water brings. It is a trip I will never forget.

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