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12th January 2023

Team on the Sea – Katrina Chen, finding togetherness at sea

We have all been taught an important lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic – it made us re-think our priorities in life, remembering how precious life is. I personally re-examined the little things in life that you often take for granted and see as insignificant, which now actually seem the most valuable.

Time on the ocean is one of those important things. The time I was able to spend on the ocean during the pandemic was very precious to me. I have many special memories – a trip to the Milk Sea with besties, fishing with family all night, a sailing competition with friends, unboxing big water toys with clients, and holding handover parties on boats. Every moment shared on the sea brings us closer together after the distance created by time apart during the pandemic.

Dear friends, long time no SEA, SEA you soon.

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