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11th January 2023

Team on the Sea – Tony Chen, My Time Cruising in Penghu

Since ancient times, the literati Yashi has created countless poems to praise the beginning of spring, the rebirth of all things and the beauty of the eyes. It is certainly very romantic to be able to set sail with friends to experience the coming of spring. The radiant sunlight fell on the boundless sea, and the two Beneteau outboard yachts set off in parallel, gently gliding through the waves. In the sunny morning the owner, their friends and I went to Penghu Island from Magong Port to visit the Marine National Park of the South.

After a comfortable and stable voyage, we arrived at Dongyu Ping Island. Coming ashore, flocks of goats wandered down the road and the golden hills were blooming with fragrant flowers. Looking around, there was an endless expanse of ocean and blue sky across the four southern islands. I saw the beginning of the four seasons, the growth of all things.

During the day, we walked past the goats, stopping to sit on the rocks to draw the beauty in front of us, and at night we sat under the stars on the top of the mountain, chatting about life and the future, and how life on the sea is so simple and beautiful.

In 2020, people around the world were not be able to travel across borders due to the impact of the pandemic. Compared to usual, yacht owners and I have had more time to sail yachts together. Many people around the world who have never been in contact with sailing have also begun to change their usual lifestyles. Why not rent a yacht on the weekend to leave the crowd and head towards nature to explore the ocean? A new style of yachting life is beginning to spread in the waters of Taiwan.

A recommended lighthouse itinerary

Mudouyu Lighthouse, also known as Beidao Lighthouse, is located on Mudou island. Built in 1902, it is the tallest cast iron lighthouse in the Far East with a height of 39.3 metres. There is a small pier on the south side of the island, where a 50ft ship can moor up. The surrounding waters can be shallow, so be aware of the tides when you sail to the area.

Huayu Lighthouse is on Hua islet, which is the westernmost island in Taiwan. The lighthouse was built in 1939 and is a height of 53 metres. Huayu has two ports and the new port, which has ideal fishing village conditions and can berth sailboats or yachts under 60 feet. The old port is suitable for the mooring of small outboard yachts. At low tide, you must pay attention to the tide.

Dongji Lighthouse has beautiful surroundings, including the flock of sheep on the grassland of Dongji Island, and the coral lavender garden that grows around the island, and attracts a large number of tourists. The lighthouse on the island was built in 1911 and has a height of 47 metres. We could often see the beautiful Central Mountain Range in the evening or early morning on Dongji Island. Dongji Island currently has a floating dock for berthing. The COVID-19 lockdown was a sudden life changer, but it allowed me to discover more of Taiwan’s marine treasures such as the Penghu Islands.

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