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14th February 2023

Owners Share: Bluegame BG42 – A Happy Experience

What boat do you currently own?

We are happy owners of a Bluegame BG42.

How did you come to buy your boat and why this one?

We have owned a number of motor boats, from 23 up to 47 feet long. We fell in love with the BG42 design because it’s a boat big enough for weekends onboard for a couple with a dog, yet the layout and design are more like a walk-around or centre-console rather than a cabin-cruiser. We wanted the open-air concept, and proximity to the water combined with good sea-handling skills, and all that we have found in the BG42.

Where is the boat based?

The yacht is based on the east coast of Hong Kong, and that’s also our usual cruising ground. It has lots of small islands and beaches with two distinct seasons. First, the winter, when the NE monsoon prevails and the seas can be quite rough – we then find good shelter between the islands. Second, the summer, when the SW monsoon is prevalent, during which time the water on the east side of Hong Kong is flat and the days are long and hot!

How do you use your yacht?

Predominantly for day trips, but also the occasional weekender. With its generator, air conditioning, fridge and hob, the yacht is perfectly fine for two to three days away, at anchor or on a mooring buoy overnight.

Please share your favourite moment on your boat.

Our favourite moment has to be when slow-steaming back to the marina on a late Sunday afternoon, sundrenched and warm after a beautiful day enjoying the best of the Hong Kong coastline. I love the late afternoon light, just before the sun sets behind the mountains of Hong Kong. The colours are magical then.

Please share your most memorable trip/experience and why?

A weekend trip up to Double Haven in the early spring. It’s one of the most picturesque natural wonders of Hong Kong and it completely makes you forget you live in a big, bustling city!

What is your favourite place on board?

Sitting on the foredeck whilst at anchor. A bit of a breeze and it turns out that the forward bulwark and small step up to the forward lounging area make a great congregation point to enjoy sundowners with a couple of good friends!

Which Asian cruising destination do you recommend to your fellow yachtsmen to visit?

If in Hong Kong waters, Double Haven has to be high on the list. But otherwise the Andaman Sea from Phuket and down towards Langkawi are spectacular sailing grounds!

What are your sailing plans for the next 2-3 years?

More of the same!

Why did you join the yachting community and what attracted you to this lifestyle?

I’ve been a sea-dog all my life. Windsurfing, sailing and scuba diving as a boy and young man. I eventually ended up as a deep-sea captain, on cargo vessels, before coming ashore in my mid-30s for career reasons. The attraction to the sea is very deep-rooted, and the boating lifestyle a natural progression of this historic relationship.

If you could change your boat for another in the future, what would be your next one be and why?

Ultimately, I would like to have a trawler style yacht capable of doing real offshore passages. Safety and comfort, as well as an ultra-long range, would be paramount, and a 70’ – 75’ yacht the likes of a Bering or a Nordhavn would be high on the list for retirement!

Please share your experience of working with Simpson Marine?Simpson Marine has been personal, attentive, and committed to a high service level throughout the purchase, commissioning and warranty of the BG42. It’s my first time buying a yacht through Simpson and I only have positive things to say of the experience. A new boat will always come with small teething troubles, but throughout the building, the delivery and subsequent commissioning we have been in good hands with both the sales and after sales services teams at Simpson.

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