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12th January 2023

Owners Share: Ronny Sun & Beneteau Oceanis 48

What boat do you currently own?

I own an Oceanis 48/2012.

How did you come to buy your boat and why this one?

I was looking for a yacht and I had seen many boats and had participated in many voyages.  Beneteau’s design was practical, the performance was excellent, and the exceptional maintenance easily attracted me.

Where is the boat based?

It is based in Penghu, Tainan.

How do you use your yacht?

When I first bought a boat, I was on the boat or on the dock almost every week because my wife, Kris, and I loved the sea.

Please share your favourite moment on your boat.

I love the feeling of being free and sharing life with friends while sailing.

Please share your most memorable trip/experience and why?

We were participating in the Simpson Northern Three Islands Regatta and experienced the first storm of my life, which was very exciting, and three ships lost expensive sails. Together, we weathered the storm to complete the race.

What is your favourite place on board?

I love watching the waves fade away from the back deck, while we are heeling.

Which Asian cruising destination do you recommend to your fellow yachtsmen to visit?

I highly recommend Japan’s Ishigaki Island.

What are your sailing plans for the next 2-3 years?

I am looking forward to exploring the Mediterranean and Caribbean. In fact I am preparing to travel to Europe for an L42 Mediterranean voyage.

Why did you join the yachting community and what attracted you to this lifestyle?

I love nature more when I surf, and I have been involved in sailing since I was a child living in Central America.

If you could change your boat for another in the future, what would be your next one be and why?

Sailboats are quiet, power boats are fast, and I feel like I need both, so I’ve just ordered an Antares 11. I’ve been researching this boat for a long time and the Antares 11FLY is perfect for me thanks to its space, style, and design.

Please share your experience of working with Simpson Marine?

Simpson Marine’s professionalism and service efficiency are very good, good team to work with!

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