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13th September 2021

Sharing good times with long-time friends – Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 Fly “Be Cool” & Jones Wong

What boat do you currently own?
A Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 FLY.

How did you come to buy this boat and why this one?
We started eight years ago with a plan to purchase a houseboat for our retirement but found out later that a houseboat is not what we thought, and you can’t go out to sea as you wish. We adjusted our plans and set out to find a roomy boat, and our first thought was for a catamaran with sails so that we could sail quietly out to sea and yet still have the space needed for spending a few days on board. However, a catamaran is not suited to the marinas of Hong Kong, so we ended up with a Trawler and a Swift Trawler was the best choice on the market in 2020. We have been using the Trawler for almost 50 engine hours in Hong Kong waters and under various wind conditions. The boat was comparatively steady, even under the strong NE monsoon wind. The design has many details that are well thought through and designed for the convenience of the users. We have no reservations in recommending the Swift Trawler to friends.

Where is the boat based?
Gold Coast Marina, Hong Kong

How do you use your yacht?
After purchasing her last year, we had been using her weekly while we were in Hong Kong. However due to some urgent matters in Shenzhen, China, we have been back there since November 2020. We will continue to use her weekly once we are back to explore more beaches and bays.

Please share your favourite moment on your boat.
We very much enjoy the tranquillity and the peacefulness. There is never  a  bad day on a boat.

Please share your most memorable trip/experience and why?
We have only done around eight short trips with the new boat, but we enjoyed them very much. I fulfilled my dream of visiting my old school friend, who lives in Sea Ranch, in October last year, followed by a seafood lunch with him in Cheung Chau Island. For those who don’t know, the Sea Ranch residential area is in the remote part of Lantau Island and can only be accessed by boat. My high school friend was so amazed that I finally did it and motored our boat to dock at their pier for the visit. Why was this memorable? I believe that sharing good times with long-time friends is very important in life, especially when you’re retired, and you have plenty of time. There is more happiness in giving than receiving.

What is your favourite place on board?
As the captain on the boat, the flybridge helm station is my favourite place as you are in control. For my wife, the galley is more important because she loves to cook.

Which Asian cruising destination do you recommend to your fellow yachtsmen to visit?
We haven’t been to many yet. We love to cook on board while at sea and enjoy simple meals together. That’s the reason why we purchased a small boat with a reasonably sized galley near the aft cockpit, for easy cooking and sitting around.

What are your sailing plans for the next 2-3 years?
We plan to familiarise ourselves more with the boat over the next 2-3 years and we dream that one day we can motor our boat to Hainan Island in Southern China.

Why join the yachting community, what attracted you to this lifestyle?
A boat promised many adventures and a new skill to learn. Most of the people we meet in the yachting community are friendly and willing to share and talk about their life-long experiences for hours.

If you could change your boat for another in the future, what would be your next one and why?
I would like to purchase a 45’ to 55’ catamaran with more room and steady sailing. Speed is not the issue.

Please share your experience of working with Simpson Marine?
We would like to express our utmost thanks and appreciation for the purchase of our Swift Trawler 41 FLY from David Walder in June 2020. The delivery by the Simpson Marine team was smooth and reliable, it was on time and the service was excellent. Our experience is proof that you have staked your reputation on putting customer satisfaction above all else. Please keep up with the good work and I’m sure you will have tremendous business opportunities for years to come.

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