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15th May 2018

Beneteau Power on the rise, Flyer 8.8, Barracuda 9 S2 and Antares 9 sold to Hong Kong

Summer is approaching and with the warmer weather, we all want the same thing: to go out boating and enjoy the beauty of coastal Hong Kong.

With this in mind, we have good news for many of you! With and extensive power boat range, both inboard and outboard, Beneteau Power has you covered every step of the way. For first-time boaters, the Flyer, Antares and Barracuda ranges could be the first choice to start a boating adventure in Asia. All of these are great for families, safe, seaworthy & comfortable, perfect for relaxing & enjoying the sea.

We have just welcomed a new Flyer 8.8 in Hong Kong, and sold a new Barracuda 9 and Antares 9 to the city, so do let us know at [email protected] if you would like to come over to our Service shipyard in Aberdeen to take a look at them when they arrive, and consider it as your choice for your first boat.

 The smaller boat segment of the market is growing, and is how many buyers first step into the lifestyle of yacht ownership. We are seeing outboard engines getting bigger and bigger, with a 350hp outboard readily available from most manufacturers, so clients looking for fun, speed and low running costs, outboards are the way to go. Don’t be surprised to see much bigger yachts with outboards in the coming months.

We now have an Antares 7 available with delivery in July so there is some quick availability to get on the water this summer. Get on the water easily and enjoy the summer sun in the best possible way, with your group of friends on the water!

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