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23rd February 2021

Gear Up with Toys and Tenders for this Spring and Summer

Yachting is by far the perfect way to explore Asia’s diverse cruising grounds and spectacular waters, islands, and shores.

Nowadays, with increasingly active and adventurous owners, yachting is also a platform to go beyond cruising and experience more water fun with many exciting water toys available on the market.

Why not kit out your yacht with some of the greatest water toys and tenders for the ultimate spring and summer cruising experience?

At Simpson Marine, in addition to selling new and pre-owned yachts, we provide a comprehensive range of water toys and tenders that will ensure you can maximise your yachting adventures and guarantee on-water fun. We have something that suits everyone – from the gentle Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), to underwater exploration with Seabobs, to exciting E-foiling.

Long a favourite of boaties, a Seabob delivers the ultimate driving/diving pleasure that knows no boundaries and limits. A water toy fit for the young and young at heart, a Seabob provides the fun, thrills, and excitement that comes from experiencing vast open spaces and on-water freedom. Three models (Seabob F5, Seabob F5 SR, and Seabob F5 S) are currently available for your selection and can be ordered directly from Simpson Marine.

Thrill-seeking owners and friends should certainly consider the stylish Swedish electric surfboard Ravik. A premium electric surfboard that delivers unmatched power and performance credentials, Ravik offers an intense dynamic experience for hitting the waves. This electric surfboard promises the sensation of surfing without wind and waves. It is an ideal water toy even for beginners to enjoy surfing at a skilful level in no time. Fully made from carbon fibre, the electric surfboard is light and durable. Its compact built-in electric motor is able to deliver exhilarating speeds of up to 50kmph. The foil board is designed to allow the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds ensuring an experience that is an adventure unlike any other. Very popular with owners, we have been delivering Ravik boards to most of the larger yachts sold in Asia last year.

For a simpler, gentler, family and child-friendly accessory, why not consider a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), a kayak (available also in See-Through version) or fun towables for added family fun time and adventures. The SUP is an especially popular choice for families who seek a more leisurely activity.

Tenders also serve as an attractive option when fitting out your yacht and Simpson Marine is proud to be the official dealer for the reputed brand Highfield Tenders. Known to be the world’s number one aluminium hulled rigid inflatable hull boat (RIB) manufacturer, Highfield Boats has a complete line of RIBS that ranges from 2.4m to a full line of heavy-duty RIBs of over 8m. A great way to leave your yacht and explore shallow waters or slip into narrow coves, a luxury yacht tender is enjoyable in its own right as the base point for many activities such as water-skiing, wakeboarding, and towing inflatable toys such as banana boats and donuts.

Contact us at to enquire about all the best water toys that will make your yacht adventures extra fun and interesting. We can quickly help you to kit out your yacht with the best water toy selection available on the market.

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