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25th August 2022

Highfield Tenders Available with Quick Delivery in 2022/23 – Order Yours Today!

Buying a yacht is often the first, yet major, step to enjoying the sea and the amazing lifestyle it offers. With every great boat comes an array of accessories including tenders, speed boats, and toys, both engine-powered and inflatable, to enjoy the water even more.  We have secured some attractive stock of brand-new popular Highfield tender models so please contact us today to order yours.


Patrol Range

Highfield PA760

Available Model: PA540

The Patrol range of commercial quality RIBs is designed to work both as a long-distance family cruiser or a hardcore work boat. It is built to withstand the toughest of conditions. With their super deep V, wide chines, and large diameter tube, they offer high maneuverability, high safety, and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions. The range offers something for almost every requirement, from sailing club support to Police and rescue applications.

The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily with little horsepower. For charter boat and commercial operators, the modular set-up option means that we can easily build a layout that suits your needs. These boats are ideal pursuit craft or work boats and can be configured with different seating and console options. When safety, toughness and reliability really matter, the Patrol range should be your first port of call. With MCA rating & commercial coding available, the Patrol range is perfect for commercial chartering or working offshore too.


Sport Range

Highfield SP800

Available Models: SP330, SP360, SP390

Arriving Soon: SP460, SP560

Replacing and expanding on the Highfield Deluxe and Classic Deluxe series, the Sport Range is designed to offer boat owners an extensive range of hull sizes and equipment options so they can build the perfect RIB for their needs.

Offering all the style, comfort, and luxury of a high-end cruising RIB but with a razor sharp deep-V hull for serious offshore performance, it aims to deliver the best of both worlds.

The Sport Range models have a solid reputation for being easy to tow, launch and recover due to their lightweight qualities. Focusing on leisure and comfort onboard, all models are equipped with sunbeds, tables at the front and rear, or a towing mast for water sports.


Classic Range


Available Models: CL260, CL290, CL340, CL360, CL420

Arriving Soon: CL310, CL380

The Classic Range offers a tender for everyone. Versatile and capable, the luxurious high-quality finish conceals the fact that this range of tenders has been designed to work hard.

Classic models are equipped with an aluminum hull coupled with full length keel guards, which make them ideal for beach-hopping days with friends and family.

If you want a simple but capable utility boat or tender, the two largest Classics come outfitted with internal fuel tanks and separate upholstered bench seat with storage.


Ultralight Range


Arriving Soon: UL240, UL260

The Ultralite series from Highfield has a single thickness hull design, reducing boat weight from the Classic series by 20%.

They are roomy and strong, yet light and easy to transport. These boats can be launched and recovered by a single man and are easily transported on a roof rack.

With excellent quality, the simple layout of these tenders is combined with an uncluttered design whilst numerous standard accessories complete the picture.


Roll Up Range

Arriving Soon: RU280, RU320

Highfield’s innovative aluminium transom takes inflatables to the next level. Compact and economical, these boats are ideal as ship-to-shore tender. The perfect option for convenience of storage, quality roll ups are available with either an air floor or solid floor. Total assembly from out of the bag to on the water can be achieved in less than 15 minutes, making these both time and space efficient.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team today at to enquire about the available Highfield RIBs and Tenders, now ready to dispatch in Hong Kong and anywhere else in Asia.

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