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18th October 2016

Massimo Perrotti Awarded Personality of the Year in Cannes

In the refined setting of Intercontinental Carlton Hotel’s private beach in Cannes, in front of an international audience, the international jury awarded Massimo Perotti – Chairman and CEO of Sanlorenzo S.p.a., with the prestigious Personality of the Year prize for his outstanding career and leadership in helping to build Sanlorenzo into one of the largest three builders of yachts over twenty four meters.

The international jury awarded Massimo Perotti – Chairman/CEO of Sanlorenzo S.p.a. – the prestigious Personality of the Year prize, awarded for “an outstanding career, as in a few years he has led Sanlorenzo among the three largest yacht builders of over 24 mt. In the latest years the shipyard has constantly progressed in building larger size yachts, with two 64-meter superyachts under construction in the La Spezia facility. Large investment in infrastructures have contributed to this upgrade”.

Since 2005, when Massimo Perotti acquired the shipyard, Sanlorenzo has experienced an impressive worldwide growth, while always maintaining a strong focus on the total customisation of its products. Under 10 years of Perotti’s management, Sanlorenzo’s turnover has grown from 57 Million Euro in 2005 to 250 Million Euro in 2015. The turnover forecast for 2017 is 257 Million Euro.

Sanlorenzo is currently the world’s second biggest yacht builder of yachts over 24m, according to Global Order Book, published each year by Showsboats International in the USA.

The company produces customized GRP yachts in Planing and Semi-Displacement ranges, and aluminium and steel superyachts up to 64 metres.

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