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24th May 2022

Ocean CCIFI Sports Challenge: Simpson Marine Teams Collectively Play the Game

As a member of the French Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Simpson Marine was invited to take part in the first edition of the CCIFI Sports Challenge. This challenge brought together 11 other French Chambers worldwide and runs from 22 April (Earth Day) until 8 June (Oceans Day). 

A tournament hosted on the SquadEasy mobile application, where participants gather in teams, sees participants taking up daily physical and sports activity challenges to accumulate points. The programme includes daily running, walking and cycling events, as well as knowledge tests on general culture and on the countries. Each challenge taken allows the team to earn points and move up in the rankings. Today, over 200 teams are part of this meaningful challenge and our three teams from Simpson Marine are doing their best to stay afloat ☺. In late May our Simpson Marine rankings were as follows:

Current Rankings among 216 teams ( 23 May)

  • Simpson Marine Marketing – 153rd
  • Simpson Marine Sales – 182nd 
  • Simpson Marine Yacht Management – 206th

But the challenge is not only a competition, it’s actually about much more than that. A solidarity mission, in aid of The SeaCleaners, gives all the teams in the challenge a common objective. Participants earn points, cover kilometres or take steps for a common cause, in this case, the oceans. The objective of this mission is to cover 80,000 kilometres, twice around the planet, and to raise €10,000 for The SeaCleaners association.

But today, with the common effort of the teams, we have reached already twice as long a distance at over 180,000 kilometres! And there’s more to come as we are still two weeks from the end the challenge.

To take the impact of this approach even further, participants also receive notifications on their phones to raise awareness of ocean protection and tips on eco-actions suggested by The SeaCleaners.

To find out more about The SeaCleaners and their missions and initiatives, and to help contribute too, please visit:

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