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19th June 2017

Sanlorenzo and Monte Carlo Yachts host Asian media in Italy

With Italian dolce vita as a leading theme, once again our Marketing team had the pleasure to invite members of the Asian media to visit our premium Italian yacht brands, Sanlorenzo and Monte Carlo Yachts during an enchanting week of discoveries and fun.

At Sanlorenzo we had a chance to visit their impressive Viareggio, Ameglia and La Spezia facilities with design studios and endless customisation possibilities, each specific shipyard specialising in a particular range/size.

Viareggio hosts large-sized units from the SL and SD lines. Ameglia builds smaller models from SL and SD lines, and the new SX line. The recently purchased, and very impressive, facility in La Spezia hosts the Mediterranean’s largest construction shed, and is home to Sanlorenzo superyachts with few 460EXP, one Alloy and one 46Steel under construction. We also had the pleasure to take a glimpse at the newest superyacht flagship, the recently launched 52Steel Seven Sins, temporarily parked at La Spezia for a week of photo shoots before she put to sea on her first summer charter. A spectacular yacht indeed. We look forward to see the results of the photo shoot soon!

We also enjoyed a wonderful sunset cruise aboard a beautiful Sanlorenzo SD112, now available for sale and parked at Porto Mirabello, close to La Spezia.

A highlight of the visit to Sanlorenzo was certainly an interview with their visionary and inspiring chairman, Massimo Perotti, who was certainly excited about the rapid success of the new SX line. He expressed that the Asian market will be a key Sanlorenzo focus for years to come, appreciating its potential and the discerning tastes of large yacht buyers in the region.

When asked for his advice for young entrepreneurs, like he was years ago, he recommended to listen to one’s heart and be driven by passion, since there are many sacrifices on the way, and they can only be done in the name of passion. When asked about three main concepts that Sanlorenzo is known for, he clearly highlighted that Sanlorenzo yachts are ALL made-to-measure, they combine tradition and innovation at a balanced ratio and they are bought by truly sophisticated people who appreciate Sanlorenzo’s subtle elegance. He is particularly proud of the quality and durability of Sanlorenzo yachts, which even after many years, represent very good value, and keep being used. This appreciation for quality that comes from generations of usage has guaranteed Sanlorenzo many repeat clients, representing a staggering 80% of the customer base. Congratulations to Sanlorenzo!

Sanlorenzo is based in Tuscany/Liguria and this area counts some of the most scenic Italian spots such as Cinque Terre (we visited the entry gate – Portovenere), Florence, Pisa, and Sienna. On the last day of our trip we enjoyed Florence before departing for the Eastern part of Italy, home to Monte Carlo Yachts.

At Monte Carlo Yachts we were granted a thorough shipyard visit through their modern, state-of-the-art facilities where all MCY yachts are built with vacuum infusion and in a unique modular way, meaning that the production process is very efficient and quick. As such, a superyacht Monte Carlo Yachts 105 can be built in only five months, which is a unique offering on the yachting market.

Our group enjoyed a relaxing sea trial onboard the Monte Carlo Yachts 86 and a refreshing lunch in wonderful Porto Piccolo, just 20 minutes cruising from the MCY shipyard.

We visited seven yachts and were impressed by their stunning customised interiors with a Coup de Coeur MCY 86 bound for Miami to meet her new owner. We loved her interior décor combining darker woods and white/red finishes.

Fabrizio Iarerra, MCY Managing Director, joined us for a chat on the bow of the MCY86 and explained MCY’s attentive service and highly personalised approach taken with each client. We were proud to discover that Asia accounts for 40% of MCY’s worldwide sales. At Simpson Marine we are lucky to have MCY yachts cruising throughout Asia so if you are interested, we can easily arrange a viewing.

We enjoyed an evening walk in Trieste, a beautiful city located just 40 minutes’ drive from Slovenia, and a great gateway to Croatia and Montenegro.

The next day we visited the famed Nuvolari Lenard studio in Scorze and were happy to spend a few hours in the company of these renowned superyacht designers who are behind the signature lines of all Monte Carlo Yachts, not to mention some of the world’s most famous superyachts such as Quartoelle or Alfa Nero. We were all impressed by the effervescence of work in this beautiful secluded studio, now managing eight new projects and servicing the world’s most affluent buyers. The Nuvolari Lenard duo have been working in perfect symbiosis for the past 27 years, and pride themselves of designing truly ocean-going yachts, both of them being passionate sailors and boat owners.

Finally, we ended our stay in nearby Venice. Not needing any introduction, Venice is a wonderful way to finish your stay at MCY and enjoy some pleasant strolls alongside the canals before heading back to Asia. We keep dreaming about this wonderful trip, and you will surely be reading about it soon in your favourite magazines!

If you would like to experience such a warm and attentive welcome at Sanlorenzo or Monte Carlo Yachts, while preparing to purchase your yacht, please let your Simpson Marine broker know, and we will be happy to organise it for you.

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