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23rd February 2022

Sanlorenzo to Build 50m Cell-fuelled Superyacht, a Breakthrough of Innovation in the Superyacht Industry

Massimo Perotti, CEO of Sanlorenzo, has announced that the Sanlorenzo yard will build a 50m superyacht equipped with hydrogen fuel cells that generates electricity from reformed methanol. The yacht will be delivered in 2024 for Perotti’s personal use.

Perotti has purchased this first hydrogen-fuelled Sanlorenzo motor yacht as a way to fund the development and testing of this exciting technology before making it available for the company’s clients. Perotti also stated that this will be the first 50-metre motor yacht built to be equipped with this technology.

Sanlorenzo has signed an exclusive agreement with Siemens Energy for the joint development of solutions for integrating fuel cells in the 24-80m yachting sector. The agreement between Sanlorenzo and Siemens Energy will see a new generation diesel electric propulsion system for both yachts above 50-metres – a world first, if they meet the 2024 delivery date – and under the 50-metre mark.

This highly innovative propulsion solution will allow Sanlorenzo yachts that are equipped with the system to generate electricity when the generators and engines are switched off. This will extend the non-diesel consumption time at anchor and while manoeuvring. The company added that this “Net-zero GHG emission” system is compatible with the limited space available on board.”

The new technology will provide energy to power the hotel load and not the propulsion system at this time.

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