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26th April 2022

Simpson Marine Teams in for an Ocean Protection Sports Challenge!

As a member of the French Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Simpson Marine were invited to take part in their first edition of CCIFI Sports Challenge congregating 11 other French Chambers worldwide, running from 22nd April (Earth Day) until 8th of June (Oceans Day) making it a six-week team sports challenge collecting points from physical activities such as walking, running, and cycling with part of the proceeds going to the Sea Cleaners association.

The challenge itself is a great team-building exercise for our teams in the current pandemic, this challenge helps build up mental health awareness through sports and teamwork, which contributes to a great cause championed by the Sea Cleaners, a long-term partner of the French Chamber that acts against plastic pollution at sea and on land and collects floating plastic macro waste.

With such terrifying numbers as 17 tones of plastic dumped into the ocean every minute impacting 3,800 marine species alongside 80% of the global plastic waste going into oceans, we need, and we want to help on any front we can!

Starting today, the challenge has gathered over 100 teams of 5 (over 500 individual participants) from 11 countries with half of them coming from Hong Kong!

Simpson Marine Hong Kong has entered three teams altogether: Simpson Marine Sales team captained by Senior Broker Tom Allen, Simpson Marine Yacht Management team captained by Yacht Management Manager, Cindy Chung and Simpson Marine Marketing team captained by Ewa Stachurska, Group Marketing Manager.

These three teams of five will be working together to collect points from their individual sporting activity calculated via the ‘Squadeasy App’ and measure points according to selected fitness activity.

The collective goal of all the teams is to reach 80,000 km in 6 weeks as this number represents a record of 1,500 000 plastic bags used every 10 mins. Tied up together they would circle the planet twice, reaching precisely 80,000 km – which has become the objective of the challenge!

We wish good luck to all the teams in their teamwork, sports efforts and collecting points – all for good reasons!

Good luck to our Simpson Marine teams who are eager to support the cause and are ready to make our oceans cleaner.

We will be sharing updates and news as the 6-week challenge progress.

More on The Sea Cleaners and their missions and initiatives, and to help contribute too, please visit:

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