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25th November 2020

Simpson Yacht Management Expanding in Hong Kong, Welcoming New Sanlorenzos in the Fleet

Reflecting on a busy year in yacht sales in Hong Kong in 2020, together with many successful yacht sales and ongoing deliveries, comes the growing need for Yacht Management services. Our Yacht Management division takes away all the hassle of a complex yacht operations to let clients enjoy the true “Yachting Freedom” which has been our tagline and ultimate commitment to our yacht owners for the past 36+ years. As a result our Yacht Management division continues to grow, welcoming new Sanlorenzo yachts to the fleet.

The complexity of a yacht varies due to many factors, including size, type and equipment installed, with each yacht having its own cruise plan and needs. Therefore, it is important to professionally maintain and service your yachting asset to ensure its best performance and preserve its value.

Simpson Marine’s Yacht Management service provides a one-stop solution to ongoing yacht maintenance and management. Our team of specialists with expert knowledge will look after every aspect of your yacht operations, providing advice to owners, captains and crew that will best suit your private floating villa. A tailored management offering to suit each owner is presented with the intention of allowing owners of larger yachts to be free of the time consuming daily operations required to keep a yacht in ready-to-use optimum condition.

With Simpson Marine you can rest assured that you are in the good hands of a highly reputable company with extensive experience in looking after yachts of all sizes. Keep your investment sound with Simpson Marine’s post-delivery check-ups and maintenance programme and our caretaker service, so your yacht is ready to enjoy from the minute you arrive on the docks. We will take care of everything working directly with your crew, so you can concentrate on enjoying your yacht and the yachting freedom, just as it should be.

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