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18th November 2019

Two New Sanlorenzo SD96s Sold to Asia after Model Premiere at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Sanlorenzo SD96


Sanlorenzo Asia division at Simpson Marine is delighted to announce that two recent sales of the new model Sanlorenzo SD96 concluded simultaneously following the yacht’s premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The yachts will be delivered in Hong Kong and Singapore in early 2021 with the Hong Kong yacht to have its interior designed by world famous Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, who was in charge of the exquisite interiors on the Premiere Yacht in Cannes.


Sanlorenzo SD96


With the exterior designed by Zuccon International, the SD96 is the entry level model of Sanlorenzo’s historic semi-displacement SD yacht line, a 29-meter-long model that will replace the SD92, another of the shipyard’s success stories, which was launched in 2007 with 27 units sold, showing and maintaining its natural evolution, that stylish hallmark that has always distinguished the yard.

The yachts of the SD fleet, models in composite material from 28 to 38 meters, are inspired by the transatlantic yacht type of the 1930s, bringing back that quintessential concept of elegance and precision.

The extensive cruising range offered by this model enables the owner to live on the sea traveling in peace, without time limits.  The yacht offers superior space and capabilities compared to boats of the same size but of different types.


Sanlorenzo SD96


The SD96 is built across three decks and thanks to the carefully studied proportions and the great balance achieved between design and volume, it is not only exceptionally elegant, but also exactly as light and manageable as a two-deck yacht.

The SD96 retains the shape of the forward and lateral windows of the entire range but with panes that from the outside are visually similar to the hull, thanks to Patricia Urquiola’s choice to apply “One way” films to the windows of the cabins on the lower deck, to eradicate the perception of voids and give a sense of cleanliness and aesthetic unity. This allowed a surface synthesis that conjures up an image of minimalism perhaps associated with earlier years.

Sanlorenzo SD96
Sanlorenzo SD96

The hull of the SD96 comes from the design concept of Philippe Briand, combined with the already broad experience and tradition of engineering at Sanlorenzo. The water lines were checked at the Marin naval tank in Holland, proving that the yacht enjoys particularly good performance for a 29m semi displacement hull. The hull design of the SD96 allows one to navigate at many speeds: from 10-knot navigation that maximizes fuel economy and allows for a range of 1800 nm to a cruising speed of 15 knots, up to the maximum speed of 20 knots, making this a truly exclusive 29m semi displacement yacht. This exceptional performance is possible thanks to the hull design, which has a very sharp profile and vertical bow; the shape of the sides means the internal volumes are unaffected, and they are beautifully integrated with the design of the external lines.

The concept of flexibility and modularity within interior design, which defines the SD96 project, decided the flow of the interior spaces designed by Patricia Urquiola. In bringing her vision on board, the architect and designer laid out the interior of the SD96 with transformability taking centre stage-making for a boat capable of evolving and continuously adapting to the needs of those who live on it. A flowing space in which the distinctive style of the designer blossoms and blooms, combining a minimalist approach with a mix of carefully selected materials that summon forth thoughts of the sea.


Sanlorenzo SD96


“Our starting point for this collaboration with Sanlorenzo was doubtlessly the sea, a great source of inspiration for the whole development of the concept and therefore the interior of the yacht. The materials, shapes and colors evoke the marine world, creating a flowing and elegant space full of natural colors”, explains Patricia Urquiola.

With SD96, Sanlorenzo once again shows its ability to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market, through a lot of careful research and innovation, while at the same time never betraying its image, an image that has always stood out for its timeless elegance and linear simplicity, light and streamlined, an everlasting expression of refined luxury, never loud, which is evident in the choice of materials and in the care given to the smallest details.

Sanlorenzo SD96
Sanlorenzo SD96

“The SD96 was our team’s favourite new model at the Cannes Yacht Show impressing with larger volumes and smart connectivity. The SD range is very appealing to owners in Asia who wish to cruise longer distances – suddenly journeys once not possible become a reality and a new excitement to owning a yacht is borne.  Imagine cruising to destinations such as Raja Ampat and the Anambas Islands in Indonesia, Mergui Archipelago in Burma or Busuanga and Palawan in the Philippines. With this yacht it is now possible to explore the region in total comfort. At Sanlorenzo Asia we strongly believe in this model and the SD range and are sure that more sales will follow”, says Nick Stratton, Sanlorenzo Asia Sales Manager.

Upon arrival the new SD96’s will join an already impressive fleet of SD model yachts cruising in Asia with an SD92 and SD122 based in Hong Kong and the flagship SD126 based in Singapore.

Early 2020 will see a further three new Sanlorenzo yachts arriving in Asia, expanding the fleet even further. More details to be announced soon.


Sanlorenzo SD96



Length overall:                    28,93 m
Maximum beam:                 7,60 m
Guest accommodation:      10 people
Crew accommodation:        5 people
Engine:                                  a) 2 x MTU 10V2000M86 (1380 HP) / b) 2 x CAT C18 (1150 HP)
Maximum speed:                a) 20 kn / b) 17 kn
Cruising speed:                   a) 15 kn / b) 12 kn
Fuel capacity:                      15500 l
Water capacity:                   2500 l
Tender length:                     4.5 m


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