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29th April 2021

Water Toys Rush as Summer Orders Open to High Demand, Order Yours Now

It has been a heartening sight to see yacht owners all across Asia enjoying the freedom of time on board their boat and spending valuable quality time with their friends and family. The demand for yachts continues to be high and so too is the growing number of orders for water toys. When experiencing the region’s most beautiful beaches and stunning skyline, time on the water can be maximised with on-water toys that amp up the entire experience. Here are a few of our most popular models – make sure you order your selection today.

The multi-award-winning Awake RAVIK is a top choice for the young and young at heart who are keen on surfing. This stylish Swedish electric surfboard delivers unmatched power and performance credentials and offers an intense dynamic experience for hitting the waves. RAVIK promises the sensation of surfing without wind and waves and is suitable even for beginners.

The unbeatable Seabob offers an equally exhilarating experience but with the bonus of fully submerging in the water. Imagine experiencing the ocean’s vast open spaces and on-water freedom from the thrilling, cool, and stylish Seabob, the ultimate driving/diving pleasure that knows no boundaries or limits. Simpson Marine has three Seabob models (Seabob F5, Seabob F5 SR, and Seabob F5 S) available for your selection. They are fun, easy to use for all ages with a simple usage system allowing for speed control, and easily manoeuvred by your own body weight. Kids love it and don’t want to let go!

For family friendly fun, a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Board and Floating Mat are essential for extra water fun. The SUP has been a long-standing popular choice for families seeking more options for leisure activities. A Floating Mat is a good investment to make for relaxation on water and has proven to be an easy and fun toy for children – jumping, splashing, water fighting, you name it. For boat owners who prefer a more sophisticated option for on-water relaxation, we can provide Oliver James’ floating Lilo mattresses in some fun colour schemes.

With all our most popular water toys in high demand, don’t miss out this summer.

Contact us at to enquire about our range of water toys and get them delivered to your boat quickly, right on time for your summer fun.

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