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Awake RÄVIK ONE is developed and assembled in Limhamn, southern Sweden by a dedicated team of senior mechanical and electro engineers, product designers, and production industry professionals.

The common goal; to deliver a healthy dose of exhilaration and adrenaline thanks to unmatched power and performance. All this within a clean and elegant body.

Key Features

The Awake Experience
The Awake Experience symbolizes the impact that the RÄVIK ONE has on the rider – a perfect balance ofexhilaration, adrenaline, and power.

By adjusting the output power in the Awake’s mobile application, the board is easily adapted to beginners as well as experts.

Scandinavian heritage
Awake design is a leading Scandinavian expression of power and agility within a clean and elegant body. Attention has been given to
features which ensure ease-of-use without compromising the thrilling riding experience.

The result is an aggressive machine made with the user in mind, infusing technical advancements with attractive looks.

Award winning Design
Crafted from high-end composites, the RÄVIK ONE challenges the user with aggressive power. The slim rear offers rapid response
and high agility, while the streamlined body design is sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics.

The RÄVIK ONE is built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and, fast straights. From nose to nozzle, it’s a purpose-built speed machine.

Riding time: 20-45 minutes depending on rider style/use
Charging time: 80 minutes
Exchangeable battery: Yes
Rider modes: Four different power settings
Weight: 35kg


1.79m / 5.8ft
Max Beam (m/ft)
0.61m / 2ft
Max Speed (kn)
30 kn
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