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Three years have passed since Luca Santella conceived the idea of extending the Bluegame range with a multihull yacht, the first from the Sanlorenzo Group. But, like every new vessel presented by the brand, it certainly could not be a conventional yacht. The design and realisation of BGM75 required much more time and resources than a traditional model: in fact, for the first time, a full-scale prototype of the hull was built and subjected to prolonged testing for more than eight months, with the sole purpose of validating the data from research and analysis to guarantee incomparable sailing comfort.

Key Features

The BGM75 is a significant departure from the catamarans on the market, thanks to its reduced length-to-width ratio. The closer proximity of the two hulls has allowed for a seamless lower deck and a full beam owner’s cabin, an unprecedented feature for a boat with two hulls.

From the multihulls it derives greater stability and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

It is in this latter respect that, with the BGM75, the yard expresses all its design capacity in terms of sustainability, in line with the objectives of the Sanlorenzo Group.

The ultra-efficient hull is designed by Philippe Briand, a world-renowned expert in the design of high-performance hulls, with numerous projects of America’s Cup vessels.

To fully understand the true extent of the reduction in fuel consumption, please find some data from a comparison of BGM75 equipped with 2 x Volvo 600h with a 90′ displacement vessel (comparable volume) equipped with 2 x MTU1200 for 300h use: -220 l/h, equivalent to -175 tonnes of CO2, – 66,000 litres.

However, on discovering the BGM75 at Cannes on the Bluegame quay on, the parent company, Sanlorenzo’s  stand, appreciation of all these technical and sustainability features will give way to wonder at the beauty of this splendid and luxurious motor yacht, consistent with Bluegame and Sanlorenzo’s positioning, which ‘incidentally’ has two hulls instead of one.

This result was achieved with the contribution of experts of the calibre of Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lissoni, proven collaborators of the brand, who fully grasped the power of such an avant-garde project, giving a “futurist” contribution to the external lines and a smart use of the internal volumes, effectively overcoming the limit of separating the two hulls.


22.7m / 74.4ft
Draft (m/ft)
1.5m / 4.7ft
Max Beam (m/ft)
8.2m / 26.7ft
Displacement (tons)
48 tons
2 x Volvo D8 550 / 600 HP
Fuel tank (l)
5000 l
Fresh Water Tank (l)
1000 l
Cruise Speed (kn)
18 kn
Max Speed (kn)
21 kn
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