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1st June 2021

Women in Yachting: A Powerful Asset

In recent years we have seen more and more women getting involved with yachts. The last decade in particular has seen the gradual reshaping of the marine world, which is now moving on a trajectory towards being more inclusive, diverse and innovative. It has been hugely encouraging to see this change, with a higher percentage of women revolutionising the yachting industry and holding a diverse range of roles, including captain, designer, sailor, and owner, within it. Likewise, we have seen many men championing women in the industry, and it is fantastic to see the good that this support has done.

The field of yacht ownership has seen some particularly noteworthy improvements towards equality, with a growing number of female owners, and many women being important decision makers for new build projects. Women have often played a central role in yacht purchases and builds, with men seeking advice from their significant other, and involving them or asking them to lead the interior design and selection process. However, we are pleased to see an increase in female yacht owners who help to make every decision instead of just being limited to the interiors and furnishings. As more and more women take ownership of yachts of all sizes, they are leading the way for the next generation of owners.

At Simpson Marine we have seen first-hand a rise in the numbers of female yacht owners, many of whom are naturally attracted to the on-water freedom and a feeling of security and comfort that a yacht provides. Our team works hard to encourage this trend by providing all the information and resources required for a potential owner (whether female or male) to make a well-informed decision. Simpson Marine’s team of experts are equipped with industry knowledge and they work hand-in-hand with each client – whatever their gender – throughout every stage of their yacht purchase. We also have the platform, network and also in-house Yacht Charter division to help incite interest from the younger generation of women who may be intrigued by the idea of owning a yacht. We hope that the number of female yacht owners will only continue to grow as more young girls and women get involved in boating at all levels.

From a business perspective, women are increasingly holding important roles within the yachting world. Some examples from Simpson Marine’s brand portfolio are the partnerships between the world-renowned shipyard Sanlorenzo and award-winning female designers: these include Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola, who collaborated on the highly successful Sanlorenzo SD96, and designer Laura Sessa, who created the interiors for the innovative SL96A. And who could forget the “First Lady of Yachting,” Madame Annette Beneteau Roux who heads up the Beneteau Group.

Likewise, we are seeing more and more female sailors entering and winning yacht races and regattas, and women holding leadership positions on yachts. Female captains and deckhands, CEOs, naval architects, brokers, advisors and more are no longer the exception but are fast becoming the norm. In Simpson Marine’s own team, we are proud to have women in leadership positions across the company.

With a group of mindful, eco-conscious and socially aware women at the forefront of yachting, we are entering a new era where men and women are equal on the oceans. We look forward to working with both our female and male owners to keep realising all their dreams of being involved in the world of yachts. If you would like to discuss about your yachting projects with us, please contact us here, and Live Yachting Freedom now.

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