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Daum & Haviland

Daum: Daum is the Maison of light and colors, where the know-how is unique, and creativity sees no limit. The company honors the French art of living, and the success of its creations is still rising year after year. For nearly 140 years, more than 350 artists have collaborated with the French manufacturer to crystallize their artwork into “pâte de cristal”. Born from earth, sand and minerals, the crystal Daum fuses in contact with fire, and transforms into spectacular objects for our interiors, art pieces and jewelry. Daum continues to narrate its story by developing sculptural pieces revealing the beauty of women, of flora and fauna.

Haviland: Haviland combines both modern demands with creative craftsmanship. The finishing and decorating artistic work are all realized by hand, by highly skilled and truly passionate artists in the Haviland factory in Limoges, France. Since 1864, Haviland has graced the tables of the Royal families, head of states and now worldwide in homes of all who have a discerning eye for luxurious tableware. Haviland currently has the largest collection of luxurious porcelain dinnerware in Singapore.

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