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26th September 2023

Brand New Fairline Targa 45 GT Now Available in Singapore

4th September 2023

Size Matters: Choosing the Right Yacht Size for Your Needs

29th August 2023

Experience the Spirit of Adventure with Fairline Yachts; Models Available in Asia in 2023

24th August 2023

Fairline to Debut Brand New Squadron 58 in UK in September

25th July 2023

Simpson Marine Presents Comprehensive Fleet from Brands Portfolio at Cannes Yachting Festival – Plan Your Visit Now

25th July 2023

Fairline Announces New Targa 40 for Early 2024

16th May 2023

Simpson Marine Concludes Successful Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

17th April 2023

The Future of Yachting: Emerging Trends and Innovations

30th March 2023

Simpson Marine Presents Fleet of Yachts and Services at Hua Hin Racer Marina Boat Show

28th March 2023

Simpson Marine to Showcase Impressive Fleet at Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

27th February 2023

Simpson Marine to Attend Singapore Yachting Festival with a Fleet of Yachts

27th February 2023

Fairline Squadron 50 Available for Viewings in Singapore

30th January 2023

Fairline’s Phantom 65 Named Best Sportcruiser Over 45ft At Motor Boat Awards 2023

26th January 2023

First Fairline Squadron 50 Arrives in Singapore, Available for Purchase

19th January 2023

Fairline’s Spirit Of Adventure Transports Us From England To Cannes!

12th January 2023

Powering into a Sustainable Future

21st December 2022

Fairline Squadron 68 Presented at Cambodia Sea Festival 2022

21st December 2022

Simpson Marine Thailand Displays Fleet of Yachts at 2022 Thailand International Motor Expo

20th December 2022

Discover Most Exciting Yachts and Premieres at 2023 Dusseldorf Boat Show

28th November 2022

Brand New Fairline Squadron 50 Available for Purchase in Singapore

28th November 2022

Fairline Releases New Phantom 65 Photos & Video

26th September 2022

Fairline Premieres New Phantom 65 in Cannes, Awarded Yacht Trophy for Best Exterior Design

26th September 2022

Fairline Shares Strong Financial Position And Growth Plans At Press Conference In Cannes

26th September 2022

Sanlorenzo Unveils Strategic “Road To 2023” Growth Plan With Focus On Innovation And Sustainability

13th September 2022

Fairline Reports £125m Forward Order Book, New Models Scheduled

25th August 2022

Fairline Reveals First Images of New Targa 40

25th August 2022

First Fairline Targa 45 GT Sold into Singapore as Fairline Asia Keeps Expanding in Southeast Asia

21st July 2022

Fairline Spirit Of Adventure – A Personal Yard Visit

21st July 2022

Brand New Fairline Phantom 65 to Debut at Cannes Yachting Festival

22nd June 2022

Asia’s First New Fairline Squadron 68 Launches in Thailand

24th May 2022

Fairline F//Line 33 Presented at Energy Observer Event at Racer Marina in Hua Hin, Thailand

28th April 2022

Fairline Yachts: Limited Availability for 2022 Deliveries

26th April 2022

Why A Fairline Yacht Should Be Your Choice of Yacht

23rd March 2022

Fairline Yachts add Live Video to their F//Line 33 Configurator, See Your Digital Yacht Cruising & Walkthrough Right Away

23rd March 2022

Asia’s First Fairline Squadron 68 Sold into Thailand

23rd February 2022

Fairline Yachts Unveils New Squadron 58 with Beach Club

22nd February 2022

Simpson Marine Expands Fairline Dealership into Mainland China

25th January 2022

Fairline Unveils New Fairline Phantom 65

24th January 2022

Flagship Fairline Squadron 68 Available for Immediate Delivery in Asia

24th January 2022

First Fairline GT45 Arrives in Shanghai, as New Simpson Marine Shanghai Office Opens

24th November 2021

F//Line 33 Available With New Layout and Bimini

25th October 2021

Fairline Squadron 68 Evoque to Arrive in Hong Kong

27th September 2021

Fairline Presents Impressive Line-up at Cannes, Announcing New Models for 2022

25th August 2021

Fairline Announces New F//Line 33 and New Squadron 68 Evoque

27th July 2021

All new Fairline F//LINE 33 set to debut at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival

27th July 2021

Fairline Squadron 53 Arrives in Hong Kong, Available for Delivery

28th May 2021

First Fairline Targa 45 Sold into Shanghai

1st April 2021

Successful Thailand Premiere for the Fairline F//Line 33

25th March 2021

Fairline F//LINE 33 to Premiere in Bangkok’s Shangri-La

25th March 2021

Fairline’s Targa 45 Open Set to Launch at the Palm Beach Boat Show

23rd February 2021

Fairline Yachts releases first images of its highly successful Targa 45 GT

26th January 2021

Fairline Targa 45 GT Available for Quick Asia Delivery, Enquire Today

14th December 2020

Fairline Takes its F//Line 33 Configurator to New Level with Video Option

14th December 2020

New Fairline Squadron 53 Expected in Hong Kong in early 2021

26th November 2020

Fairline Yachts launches its own Spotify channel “F//Line 33 Presents”

25th November 2020

Fairline F//Line 33 Walk-Through Visit, Ready for Delivery in Singapore

25th November 2020

Quick Deliveries on Selected Fairline Yachts, Order Yours for Spring/ Summer 2021

13th November 2020

Fairline x Riviera of the Orient: Squadron 50 debuts in Hong Kong

23rd October 2020

New Fairline Squadron 50 Arrives in Hong Kong, Ready for Delivery

23rd September 2020

New Fairline Squadron 50 Expected in Hong Kong Early October 2020

18th August 2020

Fairline Yachts announces two major UK debuts at Boats 2020

18th August 2020

Fairline announces its presence at Salon Privé

18th August 2020

Fairline launches innovative F//Line 33 configurator

20th July 2020

Fairline F//Line 33 hosts media for Premiere cruise in Singapore

17th July 2020

Fairline F//Line 33 ready for delivery in Singapore

17th July 2020

Flagship Fairline Squadron 68 arrives in Hong Kong

22nd June 2020

Fairline’s Targa 45 Open and GT confirmed rising stars of mid-size sports cruisers

18th June 2020

Quick availability on F//Line 33 outboard – inboard version available now in Singapore

25th May 2020

Fairline Yachts Announces Extended Warranty to Two Years

25th May 2020

Explore All Fairline Yachts Models With the ‘Fairline Virtual Marina’

25th May 2020

Quick Autumn Delivery Available Now For Fairline Squadron 68

23rd March 2020

First Fairline F//Line 33 in Asia Arrives in Singapore. Available for Immediate Delivery

14th February 2020

Singapore Yacht Show 2020 Postpones Dates to October Due to Health Concerns. New Dates to Be Confirmed

13th February 2020

Fairline Squadron 50 Makes Waves in Phuket. All New Photos and Video Available

13th February 2020

Fairline Yachts Celebrates Most Successful Düsseldorf Boat Show to Date with More Than £13,000,000 of Orders Taken and Two New Models Unveiled

13th February 2020

F//Line 33 and BGX 70 Awarded ‘Motorboat of the Year’ at Düsseldorf Boat Show 2020

20th January 2020

Introducing the F//LINE 33 Outboard at its worldwide debut – Boot Düsseldorf 2020

17th January 2020

Fairline Squadron 50 Premieres at the Thailand Yacht Show 2020

17th January 2020

New Targa 45 GT to Premiere at Boot Düsseldorf 2020

17th January 2020

Fairline Announces Open Beach Club option for new Targa 58 GTB model

6th January 2020

Simpson Marine Extends Fairline Yachts Dealership into North and South East Asia

23rd October 2019

Fairline Yachts unveil new official Images of the Fairline F//Line 33 and Squadron 68

23rd September 2019

Fairline announces GBP 15 million investment to accelerate product development

23rd September 2019

Fairline’s F//Line 33 and Squadron 68 make their debut to great acclaim in Cannes

29th August 2019

All-new Fairline F//Line 33 debuts in London, and next week at Cannes

23rd July 2019

Successful Fairline Open Weekend in Hong Kong includes Squadron 48 premiere

22nd July 2019

Cannes Yachting Festival 2019: Just 8 weeks to go! Presenting the full Simpson Marine show line up.

22nd July 2019

Fairline Squadron 68 and F//Line 33 to debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

19th June 2019

Fairline 48 to premiere at Fairline Open Weekend in Hong Kong

20th May 2019

Fairline Squadron 68 set to debut in Autumn 2019

20th May 2019

Fairline Targa 43 wins ‘Best Sports Cruiser under 45ft’ at prestigious Motor Boat Awards

20th May 2019

Fairline Squadron 53 Premieres in Singapore

19th March 2019

New model Fairline Squadron 48 sold in Hong Kong

26th February 2019

Fairline presents new Squadron 53 at Dusseldorf Boat Show 2019 to great acclaim, next stop the Singapore Yacht Show!

13th December 2018

Major arrivals expected into Hong Kong in January 2019

22nd October 2018

‘Best of British’ Fairline Yachts showcased around Hong Kong

22nd October 2018

Simpson Marine exhibits at Sea Expo Manila for the first time, as yachting culture in the Philippines continues to grow

27th September 2018

New Squadron 48 due to arrive in Hong Kong in early December. Enquire today!

27th September 2018

Fairline Yachts awarded with World Yacht Trophy for Best External Design

27th September 2018

Fairline Targa 43 unveiled at Cannes Yachting Festival

27th September 2018

Fairline Yachts showcased at the Best of British Festival in Hong Kong

22nd August 2018

New Fairline Squadron 48 soon to arrive in Hong Kong – Enquire Today!

24th July 2018

Fairline Yachts Makes Its Official Debut With Simpson Marine At The Summer Gala Dinner In Hong Kong

24th July 2018

Five Fairline Yachts On Display At Cannes Yachting Festival, Including Debut of Targa 43 Open

24th July 2018

Simpson Marine Summer Boat Show Attracts Many New Boaters On A Sunny Weekend In Hong Kong

18th June 2018

Simpson Marine named Fairline distributor in Hong Kong and the Philippines

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