Yacht Care

With Simpson Marine Yacht Care, yacht ownership is easier than ever.

The Simpson Marine Yacht Care program makes yachting easy and enjoyable. We can handle every part of yacht ownership, from delivery to charter.

We will take care of your boat whilst you are away and ensure that all regular cleaning and maintenance checks are completed so you can have peace of mind no matter where you are in the world.

Our attentive approach means you can relax, knowing that when you arrive onboard, every system and device is working as it should and she’s presented in a clean and inviting way, as if you’d prepared her yourself. This is yacht ownership as it should be.

How does it work?

Your yacht is looked after with our full-service Yacht Care programme in your selected destination including Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, with services including:

  • Ongoing routine service and maintenance
  • Supply of spare parts upon request
  • Repair works
  • Thorough interior and exterior cleaning
  • Weekly checks on mooring lines and fenders
  • Weekly bilge water check
  • Gel-coat white-work
  • Window cleaning
  • Running the air-conditioning, generator and main engine
  • Checking of oil level coolant
  • Visual inspection of engine room(s)
  • Monthly battery checks and top ups when necessary
  • Removal, stowage and replacement of awnings, covers and exterior cushions, upon arrival and departure of vessel owner
  • Supervision of all systems to ensure that they are running correctly

Let your yacht earn you money

Ever wish your yacht could earn you money when you’re not enjoying it? Consider placing it into our charter program whilst you’re away, and have your yacht work for you, earning your income.

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Choosing to join our Yacht Care programme is easy. Contact us today to enquire for available maintenance packages and locations.

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