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15th July 2020

Thailand Boating Trends in 2021/2022

Simpson Marine team is known for its yachting expertise and its ability to predict trends and investment opportunities. So what is trending for 2021 and 2022? Our sales managers and country managers share their thoughts with us.

Howard Prime, Thailand Country Manager

Boating has been heavily restricted in 2020. Over this time the world’s oceans have had a chance to recover from its usual heavy daily use. In 2021 we’re sure to see a return to boating activities around the coast of Phuket.

Whether you are a sailor, a racer, a powerboat fan or a diver, the beauty that will have regenerated around the Phuket coast, across Phang Nga Bay and down through the Straits of Malacca will be a treat for all visitors. Spots that are already great for snorkelling and diving will be even more delightful, as will the catches for the budding fishing enthusiasts amongst us.

The next two years will also bring a resurgence of passion for the ocean not seen since the end of WWII when, after a period of difficulty the world’s population could once again enjoy maritime activities and sea life. Luckily, with our growing awareness of reducing the consumption of single-use plastics, the trend towards respecting our oceans and treat them as the living environments they are will continue.

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