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10th March 2021

Where Can I Sell My Yacht In Asia – Simpson Marine Yacht Dealership

Selling My Yacht

If you have decided to sell your yacht, whether to finance the purchase of a larger vessel or simply because you want to use the capital tied up in it for another purpose, you need to figure out where you can reach the largest pool of potential buyers. Plug the term ‘selling my yacht’ into any online search engine and you’ll find hundreds of brokers, agents and forums, all vying for your attention and all offering advice on how to sell a yacht in Asia, North America, Europe or wherever you happen to be located. Perhaps that’s how you ended up here. If so, we hope you’ll find this short guide useful and we invite you to get in touch with us if you’d like us to handle the sale of your yacht or have any questions about the process of selling a boat in Asia.



Where and How to Sell My Yacht in Asia

Whether your yacht is currently berthed locally or not, Asia is home to many appealing locations as far as selling an oceangoing vessel is concerned. As a brokerage specialising in East Asia and South East Asia, we are intimately familiar with the local market and cover all the most important yachting centres in this part of the world:

  • Port Dickson, Malaysia – If you’re wondering how to sell a yacht in Asia and you’re based in Malaysia, Port Dickson is the place to be. Situated in the Straits of Malacca, Port Dickson is strategically located for yacht owners who wish to explore both the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is home to a healthy yachting scene and is within easy sailing distance of China, Indonesia and India. From our office in Port Dickson, we have helped numerous clients to sell their yachts.
  • Sentosa Cove, Singapore – If you’ve ever been to the Singapore Yacht Show, you’ll already be familiar with Sentosa Cove and, more specifically, the ONEº15 Marina Club where you’ll find not just a cornucopia of luxury yachts but our local offices too.
  • Phuket, Thailand – On the shores of the Andaman Sea, on Phuket’s east coast, are a number of excellent marinas that attract yacht owners from across the globe. The Royal Phuket Marina and Ao Po Grand Marina, where our local brokerage office is based, are two of the best on the island. For boat owners who are searching for advice on ‘selling my yacht in Thailand’, this is one of two possible places you should make a note of.
  • Pattaya, Thailand – The other main yachting centre in Thailand can be found in Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. In common with Phuket, Pattaya attracts luxury yacht and superyacht owners from all over the world and has a thriving second-hand boat market. We also have an office here if you need help from a team of local experts.
  • Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong – The Aberdeen Marina Club overlooking Aberdeen Harbour is home to a profusion of opulent yachts and, as you’d expect from a facility that’s run by the Shangri-La Group, it has an authentic air of exclusivity that attracts just the sort of people who are prepared to spend big on high-end vessels. The area is also home to many more humble craft so whatever type of yacht you are interested in selling, this is an excellent place to start. Our team, which is based in Aberdeen Marina Tower, would be delighted to help you sell your yacht here.

In addition to the above locations, Indonesia, Taiwan and China are also home to busy yachting centres where it is more than possible to sell a previously owned yacht for a decent price. We have offices in all of these countries, staffed by experienced brokers who are committed to helping our clients obtain the very best deals when selling yachts in Asia.


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Do I Need a Broker When Selling My Yacht?

We promised to cover not just where but also how to sell a yacht in Asia so let’s finish up with a few thoughts on the best way to go about selling your vessel.

As a well-established yacht brokerage, you won’t be surprised to learn that we believe using a broker is the best way to sell a yacht, whether in Asia or elsewhere. But this isn’t only because it’s our business, it’s because it makes the whole process much simpler to complete. Unless you want to personally attend sea trials and marine surveys, and handle the title and registration documentation yourself, using a broker just makes good sense.


Simpson Marine Team

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