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23rd February 2017

New fishing tournament in Hong Kong starts now!

We have some good news for enthusiastic anglers – our partner Deep Sea Fishing Hong Kong has officially opened its first ever fishing tournament. The tournament is like no other and takes a whole six months to complete. Whoever enters the tournament and gets on board their sport fishing boat FORTUNA will be competing in six fish categories with the fish to be measured after each fishing trip. One person can go on multiple fishing trips and hence increases his or her chances of winning. The final prize will be an Annual Pass on Open Boat trips for the all of 2018 so there is a big prize to catch! Carmine and his team know how to fish these waters – we are always impressed by the photos we see.

If you want to charter the FORTUNA on a private basis and start the game with a group of friends or opt for smaller groups on the OPEN BOAT scheme, please contact Let’s get you out there fishing!

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