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20th November 2017

Beneteau announces China Cup Edition OC 51.1 and OC 41.1

Celebrating its 11th year of partnership with China Cup International Regatta, the biggest regatta in Asia with 7 divisions and 120+ boats racing this year, the world leader in sailing yachts construction from France, Beneteau has announced the grand launch the Oceanis 51.1 and the Oceanis 41.1 China Cup Limited Edition at the Asia Pacific Sailing Culture Forum during the regatta held in Daya Bay, Shenzhen, on 27 October.

The China Cup’s fleet of 35 First 40.7 models, delivered by Beneteau and Simpson Marine 11 years ago, remains vigorous and in great condition thanks to regular servicing by Beneteau and Simpson Marine, and is the regatta’s most competitive One Design Class. The new Oceanis 51.1 and Oceanis 41.1 China Cup Limited Editions will enrich the Chinese market’s current racing fleet portfolio. The regatta’s competitors will have the chance to race onshore and offshore on these new boats, which combine Beneteau’s latest innovations with excellent performance and comforts of a luxury cruiser.

The new Oceanis 51.1 China Cup Edition is versatile, safe, and comfortable making it ideal for offshore races. Fitted with a tall carbon or aluminum mast, Oceanis 51.1 China Cup Limited Edition has up to 35% additional sail area made of high-tech materials.

The boat also has a 2.8 m lead bulb keel for better performances. Completing this Limited Edition package are a composite steering wheel, top-of-the-range deck fittings, and a bowsprit for a range of exciting new sailing experiences.

The Oceanis 41.1 China Cup Limited Edition will be optimal for onshore races during the China Cup. It is also a high-performing cruising boat, with a taller mast, a lower boom, and a set of Elvström Windward 300+ sails. The model’s equipment and deck fittings form a perfect configuration for racing.

After 12 consecutive years of cooperation between China Cup and Beneteau, the partnership continues to grow in strength and scope. These two new offerings are the result of a common vision. The Oceanis China Cup Limited Editions will encourage greater participation in sailing, while upgrading the Regatta’s fleet in terms of comfort, modernity, and performance.

To discover more about Oceanis 41.1 and 51.1 China Cup edition and order your own boat with this configuration, and to join China Cup Regatta, please contact our team of professional yacht brokers, sailors and racers at

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