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19th September 2016

How to enjoy a perfect charter – check our tips

With these expert tips from our Simpson Yacht Charter team you can be sure to enjoy the ultimate chartering experience in Asia.


What to expect?
A yacht charter is a unique holiday unlike any other. Where else can you enjoy such a level of privacy, freedom and luxury than on your very own yacht? One thing that sets a charter holiday apart is that your luxury accommodation – as comfortable as any hotel – travels with you wherever you go, from one stunning destination to the next. Just unpack your bags once and spend the rest of the time relaxing, perhaps being waited on by an attentive crew, or taking the helm yourself and plotting a course for adventure.

Design your trip
Whether you’re after a peaceful escape from the city, an active trip, or a mixture of relaxation and fun – a yacht charter can meet your needs. If you’re craving action, you can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving or a range of watersports activities. If you’d rather relax, perhaps a picnic on the beach and a massage. A charter can be designed to fit your exact needs. You can request a healthy charter, where the chef cooks healthy food, or you can have a family charter with plenty of fun for the kids. Work with your Simpson Marine broker so they can help design the best itinerary for you.

Who are you travelling with?
Are you going on a family vacation? A romantic weekend for two? Or a couples holiday with friends? Knowing exactly how many rooms you’ll need and what size beds will help determine the right yacht. If you are travelling with multiple couples, you might want to look for a yacht with equally sized staterooms or nicely proportioned VIP suites, so all the adults feel as if they have equitable accommodation. If you are travelling with the kids, then cabins with twin beds or Pullman berths could be perfect. Whatever you need, the right boat is out there.

Bareboat versus crewed charter
The two main types of charters available are bareboat or crewed charter. With a bareboat charter, you hire the yacht and captain it yourself. Think of it as renting a villa, bringing the food, friends and fun you desire. You have complete freedom as you are literally the captain of your own ship. This is ideal for experienced yachtsmen and women. Even so the Simpson Marine team will be on the ground ahead of time and throughout your holiday to handle any special requests and share their knowledge of the local cruising grounds.

Or when you’d rather leave all the heavy lifting to someone else, Simpson Marine can set you up with a crewed charter. In this option, the yacht comes with crew who not only operate the vessel but look after the guests on board. In addition to a captain, this can include a chef, stewardess and deckhand depending on the size of the yacht. Yacht crew are well-trained to offer first-class meals and exceptional, discreet service. You never have to lift a finger. Whether crewed or bareboat, with both options Simpson Marine provides knowledgeable, on-the-ground support.

Try a shorter charter
Many who are curious about the charter yacht lifestyle have the misconception that a yacht holiday has to be a weeklong affair. You’ll be happy to find that there is plenty of flexibility available for those with busy schedules who want to experience the luxury and relaxation of chartering on a shorter time span. Simpson Marine can arrange charters – for a single day, a long weekend, a few days or a few weeks. Enjoy a yacht holiday on your terms.

What to pack
Packing for a charter holiday is similar to any beach vacation, but with a few notable differences. For one, try to bring soft, foldable luggage as hard suitcases can be hard to store on a boat. It would be a pity to share space in your beautiful cabin with a suitcase, when a soft case can be easily stowed away. Definitely pack your camera or video camera to document all the beautiful scenery, but bring a waterproof bag so it doesn’t get wet when you’re in the tender going to shore. As with any holiday where you’re spending time outdoors, make sure to pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and UV-protection clothing. But you don’t have to bring any beach towels – just like a hotel, all the linens will be supplied by the yacht.

Ask the experts
The best way to ensure smooth sailing and an amazing holiday is to rely on expert advice. The charter specialists at Simpson Marine will advise you on everything you need to know about chartering. They can help you select the right boat to fit your needs and share their wealth of knowledge on itineraries, activities and more to ensure you have the best possible charter experience. Once on board, rely on your captain who will have a good knowledge of the local area.

Communication is key
Let your broker know of any questions or concerns you have, they are there to answer your questions. If you’re on a crewed charter, fill out your preference sheet, which will ask you all about your dietary choices, in detail. The more you clearly communicate with your broker ahead of time, the more enjoyable your charter experience will be.

Safe and sound
Each yacht in Simpson Marine’s charter fleet is built to the highest specification and is extremely safe and comfortable. Beyond this, each yacht will have its own safety protocols, which you will learn when you step aboard, so be sure to pay attention to any safety briefings before beginning your charter. Mind the rules, and you’ll have safe and comfortable journey.

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