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TKO Type – 001

The Kinetic Option pushes the boundaries of naval architecture and electric drivetrains with their first product, the TKO Type-001. Painstakingly crafted from high-performance materials, this advanced jetboard opens up a world of possibilities across lakes, rivers, and coasts.

Key Features

The TKO-001 is an all-electric jetboard conceived over tireless months of research and real-world testing. Every component is unique to the board. The jet pump, battery, hull, motors, and controllers are all custom designed from the ground up to give the best possible performance. The result has been a balanced and safe platform that adapts to the user’s skill level, from a complete beginner to a surf pro. Power levels can be customized directly from the wireless handheld controller without any external apps and can be adjusted on the go. Multiple magnetic safeties ensure that the battery is only live when it’s installed correctly into the board, and the power cuts immediately when the rider falls off. A fully sealed and passively cooled drivetrain ensures more time on the water, no polluting lubricants and requires no maintenance.

The emissions-free TKO-001 can hit exhilarating speeds above 35mph (55km/h). Each ride lasts about forty-five minutes, and swappable battery packs keep the fun going all day long.

TKO is the brainchild of 4 childhood friends, A Naval Architect, a UAV Systems Engineer, an Avid Sailor, and an X-games inline-skater.


TKO Type - 001
1.89m / 6.2ft
Max Beam (m/ft)
0.58 m / 1.9ft
40 kg
12 kW
Max Speed (kn)
29.7 kn


Simpson Marine

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