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16th May 2022

Buying Superyacht in Asia – Undertaking a Unique Project

Buying a Superyacht in Asia and sailing across the exotic South-East Asian seas is the ultimate dream of many adventurous customers. With over 25,000 islands to explore and discover, purchasing a Superyacht in this diverse region will provide you with everlasting excitement and many memorable adventures. Ordering a Superyacht for the first time can be complex and intimidating without sufficient expertise and knowledge, therefore understanding the approach before purchasing a superyacht will ensure that undertaking such a unique project will be a smooth process.

Know your requirements: There are some key questions you should consider before purchasing a superyacht such as the size of the yacht and the number of guests the yacht can accommodate. It determines the price, the approach of design, the capacity, amenities, etc. Once you understand what you desire, the process of searching for the right superyacht can start.

Find a designer who understands your vision: Purchasing a superyacht can come with several customisations, you can start from scratch, and design the interiors, fit-outs, and unique options, the sky is the limit. Finding the right superyacht designer who can envision your ideas and transfer them into the vessel is important for the aesthetic and functionality of the superyacht and your satisfaction and well being on board. A superyacht broker will be able to introduce you to a selection of the most reputed designers that can be met and present you with their ideas and suggestions upon your purchase brief.

Amenities: Considering the purpose for which the superyacht would be used is another important factor. Amenities such as a swimming pool, cinema, Spa room, Water toys & sea-related amenities are not included with each superyacht. Knowing the purpose and activities you would like to take on is important for selecting various amenities to choose from.

Superyacht Maintenance: Simpson Marine’s experienced service teams have decades of experience. Superyachts have varying degrees of complexity, all must be professionally serviced and maintained to obtain the best performance and preserve their value. Using a specialist yacht management service is a seamless way to enjoy your yacht without the, often time-consuming demands that running a luxury yacht can bring. Simpson Marine can assist in your yachts ongoing maintenance and management, tailoring a management package to suit you. Our specialists also provide expert advice to owners, captains and crew, controlling costs and minimising risks, leaving owners free to enjoy their yachts without worry.

Find the right broker: Communicating and confirming all the details with your broker to ensure both parties understand and are satisfied will ensure a smooth superyacht purchase. And if you intend to keep your superyacht in Asia, a broker with local experience and an established company structure is highly recommended for the easiest assistance in future.

Finally, if you are interested and need assistance in this fascinating and complex process of buying a superyacht in Asia please contact our Superyacht team at

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