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12th January 2023

Owners Share: Xinghuan & Beneteau Antares 9

When naming their yacht, the owners of “Xinghuan,” a Beneteau Antares 9, were inspired by their favourite book, Liu Cixin’s renowned science fiction work “The Three-Body Problem”. The yacht is named to show their respect for this engaging work.

The Beneteau Antares 9, just like the spaceships in the “The Three-Body Problem”, combine technology, emotion, and the courage to explore the unknown. With a small but sturdy hull and modern technology in key areas, the model is a comfortable and safe space, with an exquisite and streamlined body with a white hull. The outboard engine conveys the practicality and romance of France; the cabin cleverly uses every inch of space, with plenty of spaces that are generous and inviting. Perfect for exploring the unknown and venturing into civilisation like her spaceship namesake, she is a tribute to the love and creativity of human kind.

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