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23rd March 2022

Aquila Increases Production of Their A36 and Other Models with Hydro Glide Foil Option as Proven Results Encourage Buyers

The Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ designed by catamaran and foil specialists Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering through their decades of foiling experience is proving a very popular option on the Aquila 36 Sports and Aquila 44 models. The hydrofoil addition enhances the performance, consumption, and handling of the already spectacular performance of these two power catamarans.

The set-up consists of a main hydro glide foil attached slightly aft amidships to each hull and the top of the tunnel. The hydrofoil lifts approximately 40 per cent of the yacht hull’s weight out of the water when at cruise speeds, which results in better performance and fuel economy. Further back, twin fins act like an aeroplane’s horizontal stabilizers to prevent porpoising at higher speeds. What makes hydrofoils so effective is the dramatic reduction in drag. A typical planing hull has a 4-to-1 lift-to-drag ratio, while a hydrofoil can have up to a 25-to-1 lift advantage.

With this feature, the Aquila 36 Sport improves miles per gallon by 40% when compared to a competitor’s 36′ power catamaran and decreases the fuel consumption rate by 37%.

The Hydro Foil Option will soon be made available in other Aquila Power Catamarans. For further enquiries on Aquila Power Catamarans or a quick delivery Aquila into Asia, please contact us at [email protected]

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