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16th May 2023

Simpson Marine Concludes Successful Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

17th April 2023

The Future of Yachting: Emerging Trends and Innovations

30th March 2023

Simpson Marine to Present Yachts, Art and Luxury Partners at Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

28th March 2023

Simpson Marine to Showcase Impressive Fleet at Singapore Yachting Festival 2023

27th February 2023

Simpson Marine to Attend Singapore Yachting Festival with a Fleet of Yachts

27th February 2023

Aquila 54 and 32 Officially Presented at Grow Boating Pattaya, Thailand

27th February 2023

Aquila Unveils Their New Aquila 42, Presents Full Fleet at Miami Boat Show

27th February 2023

Brand New Aquila 70 Power Available for Immediate Delivery in Asia

26th January 2023

Aquila Introduces New Sport fishing Model, Aquila 47 Molokai

26th January 2023

Aquila 28 Ready for Delivery in Hong Kong – Perfect Day Cruiser or Chase Boat for Superyachts

19th January 2023

Aquila Power Catamarans: Expanding in Asia

12th January 2023

Powering into a Sustainable Future

20th December 2022

Close Look at Brand New Aquila 42, Set to be Unveiled in Early 2023

20th December 2022

Become a Boat Owner in 2023: Explore Our Top Selection of Yachts below 30ft

28th November 2022

Fast, Agile, Comfortable – Brand New Aquila 28 Available for Delivery in Asia

25th October 2022

Aquila Presents Biggest Line-Up at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

25th August 2022

Two Aquila 28 Molokai Available for Quick Delivery in Hong Kong and Thailand

25th August 2022

Successful Sales of Aquila Power Catamarans – Two Aquila 36s Sold to Hong Kong and Malaysia, Other Stock Available Soon

21st July 2022

First Aquila 28 Molokai Arrives in Pattaya; Hong Kong Expects its First Aquila 28 in July – Available for Purchase

23rd June 2022

Aquila Power Catamarans Celebrate 10 years and Continued Global Expansion

27th April 2022

Aquila 54 Yacht Sold in Malaysia

23rd March 2022

Aquila Increases Production of Their A36 and Other Models with Hydro Glide Foil Option as Proven Results Encourage Buyers

23rd February 2022

Aquila Announces New Model Aquila 42 for Autumn 2022

22nd February 2022

Aquila Power Catamarans Awarded “Best Power Brand” by Southern Boating Magazine

24th January 2022

First Aquila 32 in Asia Sells in Pattaya, while first Aquila 28 Molokai sold in Malaysia and New Stock Secured

4th January 2022

First Aquila 70 Power Catamaran Sold in Asia as The Brand Expands Worldwide

16th December 2021

Malaysia Welcomes Asia’s First Aquila 28 Molokai with a Road Show Event

15th December 2021

Aquila Officially Unveils New Aquila 28 MOLOKAI

24th November 2021

Aquila’s New Offshore Line Launches with Two New Models

25th October 2021

Aquila Enhances its Aquila 32 Sport Power Catamaran

27th September 2021

Aquila 36 proves popular in Asia with smaller models announced for late 2021

25th August 2021

Aquila Holds Successful Annual Aquila Rendezvous

28th May 2021

Soon to Premiere Aquila 54 – Virtual Tour Now Available

29th April 2021

Aquila 54 Power Catamaran Wins 2021 Multihull of the Year Award

29th April 2021

Aquila 70 Walkthrough Video Showcases Her Detailing and Many Innovations

25th March 2021

Aquila Premieres their New Flagship Aquila 70, Photos Released

23rd February 2021

Aquila Fleet in Southeast Asia Expands with Two New Aquila 36s on Order to Singapore

27th January 2021

100th Hull of Aquila 36 Launched!

27th January 2021

Aquila Celebrates the Launch of Eight Yachts in One Week, Including New Aquila 70 and Aquila 54 Models

15th December 2020

Aquila Upgrades Aquila 32 with Longer Hull and More Space

28th October 2020

Aquila 44 Private Preview Week Takes Place in Malaysia

27th October 2020

Take a Virtual Tour of the Popular Aquila 36. Order Your Slot to Secure Early Delivery

23rd October 2020

Busy Months for Simpson Marine with Many Yacht Arrivals and Handovers, Welcoming New Owners to the Family

23rd October 2020

First Aquila 54 in Asia Sold in Singapore

22nd September 2020

The First Aquila 44 in Hong Kong Handed Over to Owners

18th August 2020

Aquila 36 available with enclosed cockpit sliding door option

18th August 2020

Aquila 36 with hydro foils registers 30 percent on fuel economy

20th July 2020

New model Aquila 54 virtual tour ready, launching soon

22nd May 2020

Aquila 36 Explores Hong Kong, Impressing Local Boating Community With Her Smart Features

28th April 2020

The Aquila 54, Luxury Yachting Reimagined, Coming Soon!

28th April 2020

Aquila Unveils Further Images Of Flagship Aquila 70

23rd March 2020

New Aquila 36 Arrived in Hong Kong and Available for Sale

14th February 2020

Singapore Yacht Show 2020 Postpones Dates to October Due to Health Concerns. New Dates to Be Confirmed

13th February 2020

Aquila Announces New Aquila 54 Power Catamaran, New 70 Power, and a New RIB range

17th January 2020

Aquila nearing completion of their Aquila 70 Power flagship

26th November 2019

Aquila Releases First Images of the Aquila 70 Power

23rd October 2019

Aquila introduces foil technology on the Aquila 36 with 30% fuel saving results

23rd September 2019

Aquila announces new Aquila 70 Power Catamaran

30th August 2019

One week to go to Cannes Yachting Festival – 2019 edition bigger than ever!

22nd July 2019

Cannes Yachting Festival 2019: Just 8 weeks to go! Presenting the full Simpson Marine show line up.

19th June 2019

Aquila 32 and 36 grow in popularity for catamaran charter fleets in Asia – place your order now as waitlists increase

29th April 2019

Award-winning Aquila 36 premieres at Singapore Yacht Show 2019

29th April 2019

Simpson Marine ends Singapore Yacht Show on a high note

20th March 2019

Three weeks to go: Singapore Yacht Show 2019 – Invitation

19th March 2019

Aquila presents new Aquila 32 in Miami, with full new inspiring photo shoot and video

26th February 2019

Six weeks to go: Singapore Yacht Show – biggest ever fleet for Simpson Marine with 13 yachts on display

23rd January 2019

Aquila 30 to Premiere at Miami Boat Show

13th December 2018

Aquila 30 – First photos and movie released

13th December 2018

Aquila 44 – Mediterranean photo shoot and video released

20th November 2018

Aquila releases Aquila 36 Excursion version

8th November 2018

Interview: Ang Chee Boon & His Charter Business

27th September 2018

Aquila presents Aquila 44 for the first time in Cannes

22nd August 2018

First Aquila Owners Rendezvous attracts impressive fleet in the USA

24th July 2018

Aquila’s Aquila 44 With 4-cabin Layout To Debut In Cannes

27th April 2018

Aquila 36 Sold at Singapore Yacht Show

22nd March 2018

Aquila Open Days in Port Dickson introduces the brand to Malaysia

22nd March 2018

Aquila to release new Aquila 30 in Autumn

1st February 2018

Simpson Marine Appointed Asia Representatives for Aquila Power Catamarans

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