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13th December 2018

Sanlorenzo launches the “Captains’ Academy”

As one of the leading yacht and superyacht shipyards in the world, Sanlorenzo has always recognised the importance of education and training. From 26 to 30 November 2018, the company launched its ‘Captains’ Academy,’ hosted at the Sanlorenzo yard.

This special training course was for captains and technicians from all over the world, aimed to both educate and to bring participants closer to the world of Sanlorenzo.

Small groups were taught new theoretical and practical skills that allowed them to get to know the products and services offered by Sanlorenzo.

This special event was an important step for Sanlorenzo, which knows how important it is for yacht crew to understand everything about Sanlorenzo boats in order for them and their owners to get the most out of their yacht.

Scheduled activities included lessons that focused on specific technical aspects and training meetings with the ‘Service’ office, which provides continuous assistance to Sanlorenzo yacht captains.

As well as the more technical training, there was also a course on hospitality, led by 5-star industry expert consultants who provided captains and technicians with a series of key, fundamental skills to make use of on board.

Finally, participants took part in a number of team-building activities designed to help them get to know and appreciate the Sanlorenzo family and the values which have made the company stand out in the nautical world for more than 60 years.

Five days immersed in shipyard life was an unmissable opportunity that allowed captains and technicians to be an appealing option for Sanlorenzo boat owners, guaranteeing them a perfect knowledge of the company’s products, certified by a certificate of participation assigned on completion of the course.

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