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28th April 2020

The Aquila 54, Luxury Yachting Reimagined, Coming Soon!

Continuing to demonstrate leadership as a global manufacturer of exclusive power catamarans, Aquila is excited to share the progress on our highly anticipated 54′ luxury vessel. The Aquila 54 Power Catamaran embodies the reliable features and construction methods of the hundreds of Aquila Power Catamarans cruising the waters of the world. This model, set to debut in 2020, enhances on-board luxuries with full size refrigeration and layouts that include 3, 4, and 5 cabin options as well as skipper’s quarters and “galley-down” layouts.

After years of building power catamarans and experience with hundreds of boats used in charter fleets around the globe, the team at Aquila understands the importance of quality and innovation to the serious cruiser and proud yacht owner. The Aquila 54 will be a spectacular addition to the Aquila boat line. This new model offers sensible working decks, an abundance of storage and the spacious interior Aquila is known for.

Questions? We’ve got answers below.


What sparked the idea for building the Aquila 54?

New models and innovation are a corner stone for Aquila and have helped the brand to become the leading power catamaran builder in the world. The innovative features Aquila develops are often generated from customer feedback gained around the world. Performance and aesthetics are extremely important to Aquila customers. They desire a large power catamaran that looks and performs like a yacht more than a typical catamaran.

When will the Aquila 54 debut?

The 54 is quickly progressing through the production and development cycle. Through partnership with a truly international design team and the tireless group at the Aquila factory this model is scheduled to arrive in global markets in the fall of 2020. The shipyard expect to begin internal sea trials at the factory this summer.

How will the Aquila 54 stand out from other boats of a similar length?

The list of standard features will impress anyone familiar with vessels of this size. For example, layout options include as many as 5 cabins and full-size refrigeration, which is rare to find in a 54-foot boat. Owners will delight in panoramic views that fill the master cabin with natural light through large hull side windows, adding to the spacious feeling of the full-beam forward master cabin. Performance, another hallmark of Aquila will allow for exciting high-speed operations (30+ kts) as well as slower, more efficient extended cruising ranges of 800 miles without single engine conservation techniques.

Will you provide an example of an innovative feature in this new model?

Continuing to push innovation forward, the 54 offers amazing versatility in its flybridge configurations. A traditional low forward windscreen incorporates a Greek fishermen bridge and graceful stairs to the bows (a signature feature on Aquila’s). Other configurations include a solid safety glass front windshield for comfort and ease of use while still retaining an open and full breeze social area on the bridge. For those looking to control their climate even further the bridge can be fully enclosed, provided with heat and air condition complimented with solid glass side and rear windows as well as exterior entry doors. This versatility is the result of global markets demanding different configurations to maximize boating in their specific and unique climates.

Engineering excellence and ingenuity continues with the systems and mechanical requirements being installed behind the rear cabin bulkhead. This thoughtful design places all noisy, hot and odor generating equipment aft, clear of any disruptions in the cabin. Furthermore it keeps service personal and crew free from intruding or disrupting cabin spaces to perform routine maintenance.


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