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6th September 2022

Where Do Superyachts Dock?

Whether you’re an experienced boater, are new to the game, or even if you’re thinking about buying or chartering a yacht, everyone wants to make sure that they get the most out of the time on their boat. Cruising on a yacht is becoming increasingly popular and as such, there are some highly sought-after locations available for superyachts to dock. That’s why it’s important to know the best places to dock your superyacht globally.

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Where Can Yachts Dock?

Most boaters dock their boats at a marina. There are marinas all over the world and many have the space to accommodate larger boats like a superyacht. This means that if you want to dock at some of the best marinas around the world, you only need to know where to set the course for your superyacht.

Best Places Superyacht Docks Around the World

  • Dubai: If you know anything about Dubai, then you probably know that it’s one of the most glamorous places in the world. The Yas Marina Abu Dhabi can accommodate small vessels as well as some of the world’s largest superyachts and everything in between.

This dock’s location provides easy access to the buzzing cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi while keeping your yacht secure through the use of 24-hour CCTV. You can also take care of some maintenance for your yacht since the dock provides waste disposal, fuel facilities, fresh water, and more.

Another dock to consider in the area is in Dubai Harbor. This destination offers plenty of room to dock even the largest yacht, giving you access to the most luxurious amenities like helipads, a yacht club, and a shopping mall.

  • Italy: If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy while in the luxury of your yacht, there’s never been a better time to dock your boat in some of the most luxurious ports in the world. Marina di Portofino embodies the romance and charm of a traditional Italian Coastal Town. This town is accessible by a single road or by boat, making it a village that remains captivating as it welcomes guests from time to time. Be sure to check if there is space and amenities available to accommodate your boat as the marina only has 14 berths.

At Marina di Capri, superyachts are often seen enjoying lazy afternoons on the water before docking at one of 300 berths overnight. This marina is located on an island that is known to be visited by the rich and famous regularly.

Port Cervo is situated on the island of Sardinia and was originally established by a prince as a private place for his friends to spend time with him. This island offers a well-balanced blend of natural landscapes mixed with luxurious amenities in addition to the marina. Keep in mind that Porto Cervo is thought to be the most costly destination in all of Europe when you dock here.

  • France: A list of some of the best locations to dock a yacht wouldn’t be complete without Port de Saint-Tropez on it. This marina is part of the French Riviera where owning a yacht is a must for all. There are more than 700 berths to accommodate pretty much any yacht. Opulence and luxury abound at Port de Saint-Tropez.
  • Croatia: The ACI Marina Split is said to be one of Europe’s most stunning coastal towns. While some prefer to dock in France or Italy, yachters that dock at this marina know that the absence of large crowds and tourists makes this a hidden gem. This marina is open throughout the entire year and has 355 berths available and can dock superyachts up to 80 meters long.
  • Monaco: Monaco already has a reputation for catering to the wealthy and famous and it continues to do so with the Monaco Yacht Club at Port Hercule. This area is loaded with amazing homes and hotels with casinos easily accessible nearby. If you need to dock your superyacht, this marina has 26 berths that are designed to accommodate some of the largest superyachts out there.
  • Spain: When you have high budgets allocated for it, docking at Ibiza Magna brings you to this European hot spot. Whether you spend your time at the casinos or dancing the night away in the famous Club Pacha, the young and the young-at-heart can get access to it all when docking your yacht here.

With 85 berths that are built to hold up to 60 meters, anyone with a larger yacht is always welcome to anchor their boat outside of the harbor.

  • Montenegro: Lustica Bay has a unique attraction for anyone who wants to dock their yacht in a place recognized by the United Nations as a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) world heritage site Bay of Kotor. Visitors are often enchanted by the combination of classic and modern features and the local culture.

Yacht owners using the marina to dock their boat can enjoy 24-hour yacht service, designer stores, hotel accommodations, and a private beach featuring beautiful clear waters.

  • Bahamas: Many people spend their lives working towards being able to take a vacation in the Bahamas. If you’re looking for one of the most desirable locations to dock your boat and enjoy an amazing vacation, Over Yonder Cay located in the Exumas southern chain of the Bahamas should be at the top of your list.

This spot boasts four private beachfront villas and is very environmentally friendly. Over Yonder Cay runs on a renewable energy system. The marina can dock yachts up to about 46 meters. Keep in mind that the marina and a clubhouse are only for island guest use.

  • Singapore: Singapore is a tropical paradise set in stunning clear blue waters. Not only are the beautiful beaches a draw, but Singapore also has so much to offer inland with captivating sights and some of the planet’s most stunning architecture.

While Singapore is an incredible destination in itself, the island nation is also located in one of the planet’s most naturally stunning regions. Sail past picture-perfect tropical islands, or maybe go ashore and take a closer look. You also get to dock at the famous Marina Bay, which is one of the world’s most spectacular spectacles.

  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong has long been a favorite destination for shoppers, with the city know for its upmarket, trendy stores and shopping malls. Hong Kong also has plenty to offer to people looking for a good time, including a great night life and fabulous casinos.

Honk Kong has several marinas to choose from including Lantau Yacht Club, Gold Coast Marina, Club Marina Cove and Aberdeen Marina Club that help make the city a playground for the rich. Such marinas offer stunning sights of the city, and easy access to where all the action is.

  • Thailand: Thailand is one of the planet’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitors come from across the globe to visit the beaches and beautiful islands, as well as the rich history and vibrant culture. As you might expect, Thailand is a haven for yachters from around the world.

One of Thailand’s most popular destinations for yachting is Pattaya, about 150 kms from the capital, Bangkok. Pattaya is has all visitors could need with a legendary nightlife that attracts partygoers from far and wide. There’s also plenty for those who like to spend their money on the finer things in life.

Docking Your Yacht at the Right Place

Whether you’re ready to buy superyacht or already have your own yacht, it’s never too early to consider where you want to travel and dock your boat. When you’ve decided on your first destination and docking location, you’ll be well on your way to making your traveling dreams a reality.

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