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15th June 2018

Hong Kong Owners RDV a great success with 17 yachts attending

On 26 and 27 May, we organised our popular Simpson Marine Annual Owners Rendezvous in Hong Kong. No less than 17 yachts attended with fantastic teams of owners along with their families and friends.

This Rendezvous was a very special one that included an overnight stay in the untouched Crescent Bay, north of Sai Kung, close to Shenzhen, China. It took us from three to six hours, depending on the yacht, to cruise to this beautiful location but it was an extremely enjoyable experience as we passed through some of the most scenic marine spots in Hong Kong including Sai Kung’s Tai Long Wan, Grass Island and Double Haven.

Upon arrival at our destination we enjoyed water toy fun with sea carpets, giant inflatables, Sea Bobs, jet skis, SUPs and Jet Surfs for the brave ones to try! We were delighted to see so many little ones being part of the adventure and enjoying spending time on water and on the boats. We even had dog friends there.

In the evening we hosted a cocktail and buffet dinner on the Simpson Marine mother ship MCY 76 and a support Junk boat and kept enjoying the sea while the sun was gently setting behind the horizon. Some teams kept celebrating on their boats after the party finished and the event spirit continued until morning when we invited all teams to join us for a French breakfast on board the MCY76, After a refreshing dip into the water, we sailed back to our respective harbours.

Thank you to all the guests for spending this weekend time with us, it was an event to remember, that was enjoyed by all, and we are already looking forward to the next edition.

If you wish to enjoy Simpson Marine local community events, please make sure you let your broker know, or reach us at our main HQ email [email protected].


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